May 6: Let Your Soul Trust in Me Alone

Scripture Reading—Psalm 62:1-6

“My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defense, I shall not be moved.” (Psalm 62:5, 6)

See, My beloved, it is even as I told you before; you must look to Me only. You must expect everything from Me. Don’t ever put your expectation in man. If you do, you will be bitterly disappointed and your heart will be broken.

Even when man does something good for you, it is only because My Spirit has moved upon him to do it. Without My Holy Spirit the most religious man is hard and unfeeling and sometimes even cruel. But once My Spirit falls upon him, he becomes a different person. So when he is nice it is only because My Spirit has made him nice. If he is good and pure and holy, it is only because My Spirit has made him good, pure, and holy.

Not only should you look to Me to move on the hearts of men, you should look to Me to change your heart. I am the source of everything you need and everything you lack in yourself. I am your rock of security. I am your salvation. You can never keep yourself safe, no matter what precautions you may take. You can eat the best of health foods, take all the finest of vitamins, iron and minerals, and be killed while walking across the street.

Neither are you the source of your eternal salvation. Many have tried by doing good works to save themselves and they have only become self-righteous and critical of others. Look to Me as your whole source of salvation. I am your Saviour. Without Me you are lost, sinful, and unlovable.

Neither can you trust the arm of flesh to save you. A great army, a powerful police force, and stockpiles of weapons can keep no nation safe in these days. For the nation who forgets God shall be judged.

So I am your military defense. Turn to Me with all your heart and soul, and I will give you safety from all your enemies— without and within.

Look to Me as your defense. I will defend you. When the evil one raises up people to fight you and destroy you, I will defend you. I will go before you. I will protect you and fight your enemies for you. You will never be moved from the position I have given you. You must only always let all your expectation be of Me.



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