November 3: Lay Down Your Labours

I love you, My child.

I love You, Father! Thank you for arranging this rest time by the sea [I had a few days to rest while on mission in Haiti]. I am so grateful!

I know your every need and see to it when you trust Me and let Me provide for you. When you try to provide for yourself, I let you, but the results are always inferior. I Am El Shaddai, and My provision is always abundance.

When you take your hands off the steering wheel and get out of the driver’s seat, I get in and show you how it is meant to be. When it’s My will, it’s My bill. Just like when I told Sister Gwen how many thousands of tracts to order, but she ordered less in her lack of faith. I did not provide the payment until she obeyed and added the rest to the order. This is not the time to cut back. This is the time to cut out all unnecessary activities in order to hear My voice. When you hear My orders and obey I will bring the increase in finances that you need in order to increase the work that I ordain.

Increase your trust. Increase your listening. Increase your obedience. I will increase the help  you need to do My will with less effort on your part. You will shift gears and become more efficient with less energy spent as I breathe on My work.

Lay down your labours and I will give you rest. Turn it all over to Me and I will lead you into the next step.



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