November 4: Nothing Shall Offend You

Scripture Reading: Psalm 119:161-168

“Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.” (Psalm 119:165)

There is a place of rest in Me where you are dead to the things of the world. In Me there is perfect rest and peace because the Holy Spirit is The Rest and I am The Prince of Peace.

You are living at a time when many satanic spirits have been released upon the world, but fear not; I am your hiding place and My Word is your comfort. As you meditate on My Word, and not on the evil which Satan perpetuates, you can have perfect peace in the midst of the storm and this will save you from spiritual shipwreck.

For in these evil days all are under attack, but many do not know how to flee to Me for refuge in the storm. Instead of turning to My Word for comfort and strength, they turn to each other and keep talking about their problems and trials. This multiplies them. Satan wants you to be overcome by turmoil, confusion, and fear. I call you to rest your case in My hands. Let Me plead your cause.

When a defendant stands on trial, he is advised to not speak, except to answer the questions that are put to him. So I tell you first of all, find rest in Me and don’t talk too much, so that none of these things need to upset you nor overwhelm you. Satan’s plan is to agitate you and rob you of your peace. Instead of spending your time talking about it, read My Word. Put your faith in Me and let Me bring you through into true victory. So many of My children are offended by the things which they suffer at the hands of their brothers and sisters. But the closer you are to Me and the more you love My Word, the less you are affected by the attacks of the evil one. He will use even those closest to you to try to cause you to be hurt and made angry or bitter. But don’t allow it to offend you. Rise above it. Don’t fight back. Let Me defend you. Hide yourself in My Word. Let the Word wash you and make you clean of all that offends.



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