October 4: A Lying Tongue Is in the Mouth of the One Who Hates

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 26:28

“A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it; and a flattering mouth worketh ruin.” (Proverbs 26:28)

Have you ever noticed how often those who really hate someone are “loving and flattering” to you? That is not because they seek your friendship out of pure love, but because they want to win your favour so that they can bring ruin on someone else by talking against that person to you.

Mark the one who causes divisions, but also mark the one whom everyone else seems to avoid and fear, but who seems to be overly friendly to you. It could be that he is being persecuted unkindly, but it could also be that others have reason to be suspicious and fearful of that individual. Maybe they have learned a tragic lesson by their association with him. If you take care, you will not have to learn the same lesson.

A person who lies will afflict the one he hates. And the one whose heart is full of hatred will use flattery to win the confidences of another, but he will later ruin that person. All the nice words in the world are of no avail if that person’s heart is full of evil, they destroy many lives.

The person who hates also lies easily. Lies and hatred go together. The next time someone speaks to you against another, mark and see if he does not hate that person; and if he does, perhaps the thing he is telling you is a lie.

Keep your heart pure. Always be filled with love, or you will find that the evil one will plant seeds of hatred in the garden of your heart.



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