October 7: I Love the Lord

Scripture Reading—Psalm 116:1-5

“I love the Lord, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications.” (Psalm 116:1)

The Psalmist said he loved Me because I had heard his voice and his supplications. Why do you love Me? Is it also because I hear your prayers and answer them? Or do you love Me just because of that which I have given you or because of what I have done for you?

Oh, how I desire to have friends who would love Me for who I am and not for that which I do for them!

A millionaire who is generous also has many friends. Sometimes, I like to walk among My people as a beggar, an old woman, or an orphan child. That is when their real love is tested and proven.

I desire for you to love Me as I love you. I don’t love you for who you are, or all the things you do for Me I love you because you are you. I prize your friendship. Sometimes I am lonely for you. I long for you to come to Me and tell Me you love Me. Let your spirit express its love to Me. Release your love out of its sealed-up chambers.

Tell Me you love Me! As you do you will feel a warm glow of My love flowing over you. It will help you. It will comfort you. It will give you peace in your soul and spirit.



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