Return to The House of Peace!

“Therefore, say, Thus saith the LORD God; I will even gather you from the people and assemble
you out of the countries w here ye have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel” (Ezk.

“And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony
heart out of their flesh, and will give them a heart of flesh: That they walk in my statutes, and
keep mine ordinances and do them: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God” 
Ezk. 11:19-20).






Dear Intercessors for Israel:

As you read this prayer letter, Marylois and I have just arrived in Israel. We left the United
States this past Thursday, flew through the night, changed planes In Paris (no time to even
taste authentic French pastries) and then landed in Ben Gurion, a few hours before
Shabbat. Bill, our retired Brigadier General brother in the Lord, met us at the airport and
transported us quickly to the House of Peace. There Nigel and Sandi had a wonderful
Shabbat dinner waiting for us. What a joy to have such wonderful brothers and sisters in
the Lord, who all warmly welcomed our return.

Israel is in an Uproar!

For the past month, the nation of Israel has been in a political uproar. The issue is a long
overdue reform of the judicial system. Mass protests have continued with roads blocked,
trains schedules interrupted and both sides accusing one another of crimes. The more
leftist parties are accusing Netanyahu of staging a coup, while the Prime Minister is
declaring that they are anarchists. Nationwide protests turned violent forcing the police
to use stun guns and tear gas in order to quell the rioters.

This past Wednesday, Sara Netanyahu, the Prime Minister’s wife had to be rescued from
a large mob that had learned she was in a nearby hair salon. Around a thousand people
converged on the business in Kikar Hamedina. The protesters, who had been
demonstrating against the government’s planned judicial reforms nearby, blocked the
entrance to the salon and screamed at the security guards protecting the prime minister’s
wife. “The country is burning and Sara is getting a haircut,” they shouted. It took nearly
three hours for hundreds of police officers to safely secure the area and free Mrs.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said in response to the incident: “The anarchical activists led by
Lapid continue to cross red lines. Right now, they are harassing and threatening my wife
in Tel Aviv. I call on Lapid and the opposition to stop this immediately and condemn this
shameful and unprecedented act.”

The question of Judicial reform at this moment is no closer to being
resolved. Netanyahu’s government is still pressing to move legislation through that
would limit the power of the judges to dictate how laws must be interpreted or
enforced. The opposition rejects the idea that any form of change is needed. Continue
to pray that speedily resolution to this political crisis can be found, and that calmer
minds can prevail.

Israel-Palestinian Authority Summit

A quasi secret meeting between Israel and the P.A. sponsored by Jordan has been going
on this week in Aqaba, the city just opposite Eilat. Earlier this week Jordan claimed Israel
had agreed to a “building freeze” in the territories for some six months. PM Netanyahu
was forced to deny this “leak” and said that plans were still progressing to build some
9,000 homes in Area “C” However the United States is putting intense pressure on
Netanyahu to renege on his promises and stop construction. Meanwhile the P.A. is
receiving millions of dollars if not more from the United States, the E.U. Germany other
nations and private donors to build throughout Judea and Samaria.

As a part of this “summit,” the United States is pushing to establish a large P.A. defense
force, trained in Jordan to protect the Arab cities of Nablus and Jenin, “terror
hotspots.” These P.A. police would supposedly act as a preventative force to stop Islamic
terrorists from harming Israelis.

Pray into the promises given by God in Ezekiel that the Land of Israel is reserved for His
Jewish people (Ezk. 11: 17-20).

Terror attacks.

This past week has seen more terror attacks against Israelis. Two young men, who were
brothers, were ambushed and killed. while driving on Route 60, (a major highway) through
an Arab village. The Israelis in turn, raided the village and then destroyed shops, cars and
sheep. Earlier Israel had “neutralized” an active terror cell in Nablus, fighting their way in
and out.

A few days later, terrorists opened fire on vehicles traveling near Jericho, killing a young
American Israeli. The terrorists fled into a nearby so called “refugee camp,” but were
apprehended by the IDF. These “invasions” on P.A. lands have infuriated President Abbas
who has in turn has instructed police forces to actively resist the IDF.

Please again pray for angelic protection over Israelis as they travel. Pray against terrorism.

Syrian Iranian Israeli tensions

Syrians news sources reported this week that a recent Israeli missile strike penetrated a
secret bunker in which Iranian precision missile and attack drone specialists were
conferring with their Syrian and Hizballah allies. The attack was first revealed on
Wednesday, Feb. 22, by Syrian military sources and Western media in unusual
detail. Damascus, while routinely reporting Israeli air strikes, rarely enlarges on their
targets. This time, apparently on the advice from Tehran and Damascus, Syrian media ran
photos showing the exact moment when the Israeli rocket drove into the bunker of a
building at a military facility in Damascus where the meeting took place. The Syrians first
claimed there were no Iranian casualties in the attack, a claim contested by non-Syrian
sources, which report at least 15 dead. (

Western intelligence sources revealed that Iran is on the verge of enriching enough
uranium to make a nuclear bomb. A senior Pentagon official told Congress this week that
Iran is just 12 days away from succeeding in its efforts to manufacture weapons grade
uranium. Israel has warned that it will not accept Iran becoming Nuclear. (Israel i24news.)

Please pray that Iranian threats of unleashing nuclear destruction on Israel will never

King Darius Inscription Discovered:

It has been said that Israel is an archaeological paradise. And it is true. Every day it
seems more and more discoveries come about, which reveal that the Bible we read is true.
Recently two visitors to the Tel Lachish National Park happened to find a small pottery
shard in the dirt. Picking up this fragment they discovered it had inscribed Aramaic letters
on it. The inscription on the fired potsherd read “Year 24 of Darius,” dating it to
498 BCE. The short text thus records the name of the Persian king Darius the Great (Darius I),
the father of Ahasuerus—also known as the biblical Achashverosh from the
Book of Esther, which is read annually on the Jewish festival of Purim. This is the first
discovery of an inscription bearing Darius the Great’s name anywhere in the Land of Israel.

During his long reign (522–486 BCE), the Persian Achaemenid Empire expanded,
reaching its greatest extent under his son Hishrash (Ahasuerus, Xerxes in Greek),
who ruled most of the ancient world.

“When I picked up the ostracon (Inscribed pottery shard) and saw the writing, my hands
shook,” said Eylon Levy, who discovered the rare potsherd at Tel Lachish. “I looked left
and right for the cameras, because I was sure someone was playing an elaborate prank
on me.”

Revival in the Upper Room!

Last week, four diverse groups of Christians who were touring the land were in the Upper
Room. Suddenly it was as if the day of Pentecost came again. All four groups started
worshiping and praising God as one. It was an event that quickly spread across social
media. Marylois and I and others, will be praying this season for the coals of revival fires
to fall afresh and anew in Jerusalem. Join with us in your prayers. Lord, we ask, “Let your
Holy Spirit fire fall afresh on your people in Israel.”

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem,

Gene and Marylois/House of Peace

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