The Word of the Lord:
The Word of the Lord to Gwen Shaw
2 A.M., December 12, 2004
Airport Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dallas, TX
Engeltal, the headquarters of the End-Time Handmaidens and Servants, shall be known as “The World Revival Center.”

Look not at your age, nor say, “I am too old!” for behold, I am renewing your strength. Are your eyes not a sign of what I am even now doing in your body? [I don’t have to wear my glasses anymore, even to read!] Fear not, for as your duties and your tasks are, so shall your strength be:
Strength to go out, and strength to come in —
Strength to sow, and strength to bring in the harvest —
For this is not only the time of harvesting, it is also the time of sowing. There still are many fields that have never been sown. The Moslem nations need sowing before the harvest in them can be reaped.

A New Era
The End Time Handmaidens are going through a time of transition, a time of renewal. I am bringing them into an overall shift where they will concentrate and employ all resources on the single objective of revival.
Many are thinking “It is the end of the End-Time Handmaidens,” but it is only the end of an era—
And the beginning of a new Era, a new vision, a new purpose, a new dimension, built on its present foundation.
Some will drop away because they have become comfortable in their incubator beginnings. It is hard for children to leave their nursery, with all its toys and comforts, and lack of responsibilities.
Now come the growing-up-days, the days of putting into practice all you have learned in the school of learning, days of responsibility lie ahead of you—days of sacrifice and commitment. Those who have loitered in the luxury of their securities and comforts must be thrust out into the harvest fields, or they will be thrown out.

I will make Engeltal a World Revival Center. People who are hungry for revival, whose hearts I have awakened to THE REVIVAL CALL, shall go out and come into the Engeltal headquarters.

On Top of the Hill and in the Valley
Be not afraid to prepare two different aspects and dimensions of this new calling that is upon you.
ON THE TOP OF THE HILL shall be a place of presentation of the Revival Message.
IN THE VALLEY shall be a place of preparation of the End-Time messengers and revivalists who shall go out to the most distant parts of the world.
ON THE TOP OF THE HILL will be your mission field, your Revival Center, your Soul-Saving Station, your Light House.
IN THE VALLEY will be your TRAINING OF THE FUTURE REVIVALISTS where I will make men and women into REVIVALISTS to the nations.

Even as it was not a waste of money to build two tabernacles, The Glory Tabernacle, and Maranatha Tabernacle, it will not be a waste of money to build two guest houses, for you have built economically, and you have built two buildings for the price of one.

End-Time Handmaidens must make “Revival” your theme. It must be your number one vision. Changes you must make:
Your End-Time Handmaidens and Servants Magazine must be redesigned with a new title that reveals its purpose: THE REVIVAL CALL.


Revival is bringing to life what is dead. My Church is dying. Many of My ministries that I raised up in the past under a great anointing are dying. Even some of the End-Time Handmaidens are dying.
Breathe life into them through PROCLAIMING THE REVIVAL MESSAGE.

PROPHECY is good but it cannot replace REVIVAL.

MIRACLES OF HEALING, SIGNS AND WONDERS are good, and necessary, but they cannot take the place of REVIVAL.

TEACHING is necessary, but it cannot take the place of REVIVAL.

When you have REVIVAL you have all these things—prophecies, signs and wonders, miracles of healing, good preaching and teaching. They are included in “the package deal.”

Revival will restore the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit. See 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 and Galatians 5:22-23.

Preach REVIVAL in every sermon. I will not only make you a revivalist, I will make Engeltal a World Revival Center. I will make the End-Time Magazine a CALL TO REVIVAL.
Re-vamp everything! Restructure everything! Renew everything! Get rid of the old, buy up and treasure the new thing that I am doing. There are going to be great changes. Renew your mind so that you will be able to accept these changes.
With resurrection comes new life. When I resurrect a dead person, I heal them of the illness that killed them.
I will revive, and I will restore and I will heal.
Teach My children the necessity of REVIVAL — NOW!
It’s Revival—or burial.
Some have already died, and are embalmed, but there is yet hope that they can be revived.
Others have died, and are buried. For them it is too late. They will have to wait for the Resurrection Morn.
But they will lose all their rewards [the rewards they could have had if they had pressed on in faith]— the rewards of the Revival Harvest.
There are very few revivalists in the world. Therefore, some day in the future it shall be said of all who bear the burden of REVIVAL, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” [Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 20 Aug. 1940].
And so, I must renew your strength, for I have only a handful in whose soul I can stir up the true Revival Vision.
Many think they have a vision for Revival, but it’s a vision for “Church Growth,” popularity, prestige, fame, kingdom-building, and power over the souls of men. If I were to try to send true revival to them they would viciously denounce My revivalists and stamp out the flames of revival with their feet, for they know not the ways of the Holy Ghost.
Therefore, how can they recognize His works? How can they do them?
Open your heart to change! Do not trim My workings to fit yesterday’s Church. Behold I will do a new thing. Now it shall spring forth!

“Calling Back To Life That Which Has Died”
Never, for one moment, dare we forget that we were born for revival, even the final revival harvest.
We have an awesome responsibility: to resurrect a dead and dying Church!

These coming days will be the greatest days the Church has ever lived, and the greatest harvest that has ever been brought in. We must all thank God that God has allowed us to live to see this day, and to be a part of it. Eternity will remember this final army of revivalists! But we must be willing to pay the price, put everything we are and have into this final great call of God for revival now! This will be our finest hour.

— Gwen R. Shaw

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