September 23: The Mystery of the Heart and Soul Explained

Scripture Reading—Psalm 108:1-12

“O God, my heart is fixed, I will sing and give praise, even with my glory.” (Psalm 108:1)

Your soul is your treasure. When your soul is enlightened by Me, it is filled with My glory. It is your precious soul which communicates with Me. Your fleshly heart is very closely entwined with your soul. Your physical heart is a visible representation of your spiritual heart, which is your soul. Sometimes, when My Word, the Bible, speaks about the heart, it means the soul.

The relationship between the natural heart and the spiritual heart (which is the soul of a person) can be compared with the earthly tabernacle where the children of Israel came to worship Me, and the heavenly tabernacle (Hebrews 9:8). The earthly is temporal, the heavenly is eternal. Your natural heart is given to you for only a little while, but your soul is eternal. However, because the relationship and similarity is so close, the things which grieve the soul can affect the heart so badly that it can stop working. Many people, who have bad heart trouble live under great stress. The soul that is filled with My light and glory can affect the heart and release light and health into it.

Many people who have had heart transplants die anyway, because the reason for their heart trouble has not been removed. The “sickness” of their soul has not been healed nor dealt with.

When the Psalmist said, “My heart is fixed,” he meant that his soul was established. He had purposed in his soul to praise Me. Without a spiritual experience, this is impossible. Unless you purpose in your soul to praise Me, you will soon forget to do it. You will find your soul becomes despondent and complaining. Then it will lose its glory. And the soul without glory is a “dead” soul, for it is the glory that gives it life

You are the captain of your soul. In the same way as the captain of an airplane sets its controls to go in a certain direction and at a certain elevation, so you must determine to “set” your soul, i.e. “fix your heart” to live a life of praise that will glorify your eternal spiritual “heart,” which is your soul.



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