September 24: The Sun Will Shine Again, and You Will Walk a New Walk

Scripture Reading: Genesis 32:32

“And the sun rose upon him as he passed over Peniel, and he limped upon his thigh.” (Genesis 32:32)

Yes, the sun shone again, when the dark night of the soul was passed for Jacob. And it will shine again for you!

This dark night cannot last. It has to pass. We live on a moving planet that is always turning. Everything God has created has motion. Only death has no motion. And that is why the spirit leaps from the body and continues on and on for eternity. But one day even the dead body, that lies still in the grave today, will be resurrected from its grave, when the graves are opened and all men, small and great, shall stand before the Judge of all the earth.

But for today, the sun will shine again. Life will go on. You have been to your Peniel. Your soul shall live.

It is true that Jacob limped, and God permitted it — even though He could have stretched out the sinew again. But God left it as a reminder to Jacob and his descendants that Jacob had met with God, and that he was changed.

After you meet with God there will be a difference in your life. You will walk differently. Everyone will see it. You will not be able to hide it.

Every struggle we have in life leaves its mark on us. Even though Jacob was the victor, he knew that if just one touch of his Opponent could effect him so powerfully, that He could easily have zapped the life out of him. In fact, he expected that to happen, and so, when he emerged the victor, he was triumphant at the fact that he was still alive.

He was not only the victor, he was redeemed and transformed.

That is what happens to each one of us when we pass through our Peniel experience.

“Therefore the children of Israel eat not the sinew of the thigh-vein which is upon the hollow of the thigh, unto this day; because he touched the hollow of Jacob’s thigh, even in the sinew of the thigh-vein” (Genesis 32:33).

The “thigh-vein” is the sciatic nerve. This, together with other arteries and tendons, must be removed from the slaughtered animal before that portion of the animal can be ritually prepared for Jewish consumption. This precept is a constant reminder of the Divine Providence to Israel as exemplified in the experience of the Patriarch.” (Haftorah)

It is good to remind ourselves that we have had a meeting with God by our changed lifestyle. The Jews remove the sciatic nerve and arteries and tendons of their meat. We Christians stop smoking and chewing tobacco, excessive drinking of alcohol, taking illegal drugs, gambling, fornicating, and all manner of sexual perversion, plus cheating, lying, stealing etc. when we have had our meeting with God. It is all a sign that we have seen God’s face and our lives will never be the same again.



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