September 3: When You Are Not Sure What to Say — Stay Quiet!

Scripture Reading: Genesis 31:24

“And God came to Laban the Aramean in a dream of the night, and said unto him: ‘Take heed to thyself that thou speak not to Jacob either good or bad.'” (Genesis 31:24)

The Haftorah says this means that God warned Laban not to say anything. Laban was neither to entice Jacob by offers of kindness nor force him to return by threats.

Satan uses many ways to keep us captive. He either makes wonderful promises to us — which he never keeps — or he intimidates us through threats.

So many of God’s children are held back from doing the Lord’s will by one of these tactics, and he works through well-meaning friends and spiritual advisors.

That is why we need to be careful that we do not take the advice people give us until we have prayed about it and sought God’s will. And we, who are quick to counsel others what to do, need to be careful, lest we find ourselves playing in the hand of Satan, and being used by him to keep one of God’s children from doing God’s will. If you are not sure how to advise or counsel someone, say neither good nor evil. Stay quiet! And let God speak to that one who is seeking God’s will.

Be sure you have the mind of the Lord before you open your mouth. And walk softly before Him. Never be inspired by anger, jealousy, or by your sympathy for the other person who has been wronged.

Let your spirit be controlled by the Holy Spirit, and you will always be a blessing, and never a hindrance.

Are you going to meet a difficult person on the morrow whom you feel is angry at you and is out to “pay you back”? Ask God to speak to him tonight. He will protect you — everything will come out all right!



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