September 8: Resting in His Love

Lord, am I ready?

My child, I am always ready. The more you press in to know Me and allow Me to live through you, the more ready you will be because of My readiness. It is all by grace — My grace. You know very well that even your fasting is a result of My grace upon you. It is a work that is done by grace. It is a case of showing your faith by your works. You are able to fast because of your trust in Me.

You are praying into the stirring up of the gifts that were imparted to you by the laying on of hands. Just like My Spirit brooded over the waters, stirring them like the wind stirs the sea, so My Spirit will stir your belly full of living waters that issue forth from under My throne in your heart. And you shall prophesy, and discern, and heal, and speak the word of knowledge, and the word of wisdom, and exercise all My other gifts.

That is why it is so vital that you guard your sacred time and place with Me.

You are troubled by your wandering thoughts of work and other issues of business and relationships. You are struggling to take them captive to obey Me. This is also accomplished by My grace. I will quiet you in My love. I do rejoice over you with singing (Zephaniah 3:17). My Spirit is spinning and brooding over you at all times.

Leave your murky swamp of fleshly thinking and climb up by My grace and help to dwell on the solid rock of My Life within you.

I will quiet you with My love. Breathe deeply of My peace.



In Quietness and Confidence by Sharon Buss
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