Podcast Episode 164: “How to Catch Up When You’re Spiritually Behind” with Pastor Tony Kemp

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Do you feel like you’re behind in your spiritual walk? Truthfully, most of us are. But you don’t have to stay that way! And the answer isn’t found in just doing more things for God. It begins with your internal, spiritual development and maturity. Pastor Tony Kemp has been challenged by the Holy Spirit to help the Body of Christ mature, and he joins the Busses to discuss keys to discerning God’s purpose for the way He made you to uniquely manifest His Glory in the earth. He also shares many thought-provoking truths about knowing the mind of God and understanding the choreography, structures, and systems of the Spirit so that you can cooperate with God to get His desired results in ways that only you can.

Pastor Tony will be speaking at the Global Outpouring Convention, July 4-7, 2023! This will be a life-changing event. If you’re hungry for God and you’re ready to dive into the “deep end” in the Spirit, join us! Registration is now open.



Global Outpouring Convention 2023 – July 4-7, 2023




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