Podcast Episode 165: “Israel–The Key to God’s Purpose in the Earth” with Claren McQueen

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Episode Synopsis:

You may have heard the phrase, “Israel is God’s time clock.” But what exactly does this mean? Philip and Sharon are joined by Claren McQueen, a dear friend who spent many years living in Israel and serving as a worship leader. Claren has a unique perspective on the significance of Israel’s destiny, what it means to the Believer, and how God is revealing Himself to the Jewish people and the world through miraculously returning His chosen people to the Land He gave them. Expand your understanding of God’s heart for His people and how Israel is the key to the Glory outpouring.

Claren will be leading worship and speaking for our Israel Session at the Global Outpouring Convention, July 4-7, 2023! This will be a life-changing event. If you’re hungry for God and you’re ready to dive into the “deep end” in the Spirit, join us! Registration is now open.



Eye of the Needle by Charlotte Baker (YouTube Video)

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