39 Precious Gems On How To Walk With The Master


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39 Gems was written to encompass the walk with Christ and the surrendered life to follow His teachings. 39 gems mirrors, 39 stripes and 39 Native American tribes of OK is what inspired me to write the book. It is about a deep walk with God and the JOY and HOPE walking in His Garden brings to the believer. The intimacy of knowing Christ and all His names with His character is a beautiful intimacy of knowing HIM. I was inspired and moved by the Holy Spirit to write the 39 Gems. Christ has so touched my life in such a real way that I wanted to share the nuggets of what it meant to draw near to Him. Many do not know the precious treasure and life of walking with God on a daily basis. There are those crying out in the wilderness like myself once did to know the TRUTH. God is the TRUTH the WAY and the LIFE. He has given me abundant life and such blessings to numerous to count. But knowing Him and that He is real–the real deal–and nothing can surpass is glory, His great grace and His unlimited bountiful love. It is true that if you seek Him you will find Him. You will discover the Creator, His manual and all that He knows about you before you were born. He has such a plan for your life and such an incredible purpose for your life that you will be astounded to discover how much of your destiny is yet to be fulfilled. Join God on an incredible journey of love and grace by taking hold of His hands and make the choice to say YES LORD, I will follow you and no one else. Forgive me Lord for following after false gods and false religions and doctrines. Bring me out of the darkness into your glorious light by teaching me your ways, your instruction for all eternity. Let me become a pilgrim in progress into holiness, righteousness and truth. Desire to know God above all else and your life will never be the same. Join God on His holy highway and know He has your back at all times. Freedom in Christ is the KEY to returning to the Lord Jesus Christ no matter where you may find yourself this hour. He is there, He cares and He knows all about you. Believe it receive it as truth and seek Him with your whole heart. He loves YOU! He loves YOU so much and wants the very best for your life. He wants to heal your heart wounds and take you on an incredible journey to a whole new world if you will only say YES and take His hand. Nothing fills your heart they way HE does. Worship Him in Spirit and truth and let Him reveal treasures of Heaven to you. Buy from Him silver refined and gold purified in the fire. He is there. He is waiting. He love you.

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