Audience of One – Behold the Lamb


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So much of the world has shifted its gaze from God, casting aside humility and pursuing influence above intimacy. In turn, this has allowed fear and anxiety to take the place of our omnipotent and loving Heavenly Father. This has pushed many to try and become bigger and better in every realm of life. The world is after increase, while God is waiting patiently to be your audience of one.

In this powerful book, Evangelist Caleb Wampler discusses what it takes to mute outside noises and focus on what matters most, the audience of one: Jesus. In this book, you will explore how to practically focus on Jesus being your most important audience member and what it means to believe while the crowd rejects.

Beyond that you will find encouraging words for staying Christ-centered in all seasons of life, as well as, discover Old and New Testament accounts to stir your faith and reset your priorities.

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