DEVOTIONAL: ENCOUNTERING THE HEAVENLY SAPPHIRE: 60 Day Devotional for Those who Desire to be Consumed by the Holy Fire


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The Lord desires for us to live separate lives from this world system. I was astounded when I saw that holiness was all about God’s ownership of us. The truth is out now that humanity was bought by the blood of Jesus and we are not our own any longer. Enjoy this daily reminder that God loves you and has chosen you to encounter His holiness. When He appeared to the seventy elders of Israel, He was standing on a sapphire platform(see Ex. 24:10). I saw this sapphire floor in Heaven. I was told that we have been made to walk on this holy platform as well if we chose to fear Him and walk humbly before Him. Enjoy the Devotional!

Dr. Kevin L. Zadai, founder and President of Warrior Notes and Warrior Notes School of Ministry

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