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Occasionally a book comes along that doesn’t just challenge you but changes you — Hunger is that book! A riveting collection of heavenly encounters, you cannot be the same person who opened its cover when you close it. And though we thankfully have access to a precious surplus of Christian resources available to us, they are but a means to draw near to the Lord. Our most urgent need continues to be actual encounters with the living God. Hunger not only chronicles the encounters men of God have had with Him throughout church history; it is itself a heavenly encounter. Through Hunger readers will find: •An intensifying passion to seek and commune with God one on one. •A deepening intimacy with the Lord as they walk with Him.•A growing burden for souls that ignites a consuming desire to witness for Christ.•A heightening awareness of the eternal that inspires an impassioned pursuit of heavenly treasures. Not only will your faith in God be strengthened, your love for Him deepened, and your relationship with Him nourished, but your hunger to personally encounter God, Himself, will grow stubbornly unrelenting as you read Hunger and embrace its message.

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