The Mystery of Islam


Islam is a mystery, an enigma and a puzzle. What is it about this faith that attracts more than a billion followers? Everything about this faith is shrouded in darkness. Who is really behind its origin? Does it have a world agenda? Did its prophet Muhammed truly hear from heaven? Is the Koran the last revelation to man? Is Allah God? What about the Kaba, a mysterious stone cube covered in black silk? Is this edifice the real house of God? The Mystery of Islam will reveal to you the hidden secrets of this faith, its past history, traditions and superstitions.

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The author explains the differences between Islam and Christianity and highlights approaches that lead Muslims to Christ. The writer states that his heart’s desire is found in Genesis 17:18. Here Abraham cried out to God: “O That Ishmael might live before thee!” This is Dr. Little’s prayer is that all of Islam may know Christ.

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