Waiting on God


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What does it take to see the unseen and to hear God’s voice clearly? How does one walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit consistently so that we can impact the world around us? What is the elusive secret that some people seem to know that allows them to walk in the supernatural things of God?

Waiting on God in silence, stillness and expectation will position you to sense, hear and see His presence, power and direction in your life like never before. Take 30 days and add waiting to your prayer time and you’ll be convinced, it’s worth it to wait on God. In this book, Waiting on God, we learn that the answers to all these questions are found in His presence. There is a scripture that says if we draw nigh to Him, He will draw nigh to us. Isn’t it time we set aside our agenda to spend time in His presence? He’s waiting…

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