Weighty Words – Influencing the Unseen Realm


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Catapulting into the depths of the spirit through the power of your words!

In this faith-filled book, Evangelist Caleb Wampler discusses paramount truths about the power your words have on your life and those around you. Through the scriptures, we find ample evidence that the power of life and death is in the tongue! The heart of God is to see His body rise as one, unified, church filled with the love and compassion of Jesus. Through biblical insight, personal stories, and prophetic visions, the goal is to challenge followers of Christ to use their words to influence the Kingdom of Heaven. Open your mind and heart through these teachings to understand the power of repentance and living a life building up your fellow neighbor. You have the power to change the world through the words God has put in your mouth!

In this book you will explore:

  • How to practically pay attention to your words and how they arouse heaven or hell.
  • What the scriptures say about the unified church and why we must stop tearing one another a part.
  • Biblical stories from the Old and New Testament to stir your faith for more of the Lord.
  • Personal stories that have revolutionized Caleb’s walk with the Lord and a living a life of faith.

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