Travel Updates

Beloved Intercessors,

Loving greetings from Engeltal! After approximately 6,300 miles (10,175 km), we are happy to be home and thrilled with all that God did in touching lives on our journey to Canada!

We had wonderful meetings in Kansas City, Elkton, SD, Grand Forks, ND, Winnipeg, MB, Thompson, MB (the 55th Parallel!—that’s NORTH!), Norway House Cree Nation (MB), and Denare Beach, SK (near Flin Flon, MB).

Laurel Hobbs, our Canadian ETHS Director, and Elaine Rose flew to meet us in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where we stayed with Martin and Betty Giesbrecht. Then the six of us drove ten hours north to meet Nellie Munro in Thompson. Nellie has been plowing for Jesus in Thompson for many years and God arranged a glorious meeting for us in the Presbyterian Church. Pastor Murat, a former Muslim from Turkey, had been praying for a move of God. The Holy Spirit didn’t disappoint him! When Nellie asked him to close the meeting with prayer, he flatly refused! “I don’t want to close this! I don’t want it to ever stop!”

Then Nellie joined us on the journey to Norway House where she was born and raised. Three nights of meetings were held in the local hockey rink and were broadcast on the local radio station. A wonderful team of local musicians provided beautiful music and testimonies of how the power of the Lord Jesus Christ had changed them, delivering them from their former ways of sin and addictions. Philip and I also sang and I preached. Our team ministered to the hungry souls who wanted ministry. We know that Jesus transformed more lives and fresh dedications were made to serve the Lord.

Betty and Martin had to return to Winnipeg to work and the rest of us went on to Denare Beach for a glorious meeting with our ETH from the Flin Flon area. We have known Doreen Campbell and her sisters for many years, and she prophesied well over two decades ago that we would come there. We waited, and God fulfilled His word with a glorious outpouring on those who attended. It was certainly worth the wait!

The next day we drove across Saskatchewan to North Battleford to pray in the place where God poured out His Spirit in 1948, from which the Latter Rain Movement sprang. The place was a startup Bible school, not associated with any denomination. It was interesting to note that the place they found to hold their classes was in the buildings at the airport that had been used during World War II to train the Royal Air Force pilots. This was another move of God in Canada that began at an airport! And hungry souls came from the nations to receive and take it home to share! The fire is still burning everywhere it has gone.

Then we drove about 65 miles to Langham, Saskatchewan, and found the house where Sister Gwen Shaw was born. We had the privilege of meeting the lady who lives there now and told her stories about our founder. She is also a believer and has a strong interest in missions to China! We gave her the link to Sister Gwen’s life story, Unconditional Surrender, on our YouTube channel. I love how God connects the dots in our lives, don’t you?

To Michigan: After we dropped off Nellie, Laurel, and Elaine in Winnipeg, Philip and I headed to Michigan to see my 91-year-old dad. Some weeks ago, he had become sick and too weak to get out of bed, so he had been hospitalized, being diagnosed with pneumonia. It left him so weak that he was unable to return home, as he could no longer walk. My younger sister was busily looking for a nursing home for him as he was being discharged early from rehab, having not been able to gain any strength or make any progress. So we spent some days with him, cheering him up and cheering him on to continue to keep his eyes on the Lord.

We originally expected to drive across Canada to Toronto and then on to Rainbow House of Prayer, anticipating that we would have an opportunity to meet the Council of the Seneca Nation of Indians who own the land all around our ministry buildings and land there. While on our journey, we learned that we were not going to be included on their agenda at this time, but that we should expect to have another opportunity later in the year. So we were able to cut our trip short by a few days (and some 700 miles!) and started the “catching up” process a bit sooner. Thank you for your prayers for the good seed that was sown in good ground, that it will bear good fruit for the Kingdom of God!

Sons of God Gathering: We are so looking forward to having Bobby Conner and Etienne Blom with us September 4-7. Nearly all the accommodations are filled here in Engeltal, although I understand that there have been some cancellations. There are lots of local motels and B&Bs, though, so don’t miss this opportunity to receive something very special and anointed from the Lord! Click here to register. If you can’t get here, the next best thing is to tune in on our YouTube channel!

Argentina, Home of the Fire! Three days after the Sons of God Gathering, Philip and I head for Argentina, the place where Sister Gwen had an encounter with the Lord that set the stage for the founding of this ministry. She had had her “appointment with God” in fasting 21 days in Hong Kong in 1963. At the end of that fast, the Lord spoke to her, “Hong Kong is going to be too straight [confined] for the ministry I’m giving you; I’m sending you to the nations.” In nation after nation, Holy Ghost revival fire followed her everywhere she went.

She heard that there was revival in Argentina, and asked God to allow here to have a part in what He was doing there. So He sent her there on her birthday in 1966. One night when she returned from a power-packed meeting in Buenos Aires, she asked the Lord, “Why are You using me like this? I’m not perfect—I make mistakes…”

“Because I know you will do what I tell you to do,” He replied.

“You mean anyone can do this?”

“Anyone who will obey Me.” So with that revelation seed planted in her heart, she travailed for God to raise up 10,000 women who would obey Him as she did. In looking back through the years of her experiences, she felt that that travail was in conception in the spirit of this ministry.

And so we return once again to this fertile field of revival to do our part in God’s great plan of His Great Kingdom, simply obeying His promptings. We are expecting to minister in Salta, Córdoba, Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca, and Buenos Aires for three weeks’ time. It will be my seventh time and Philip’s third. Please pray with us for the Lord to meet the costs of this mission trip, and that much fruit will come forth as we return to places where ETH&S have been raised up through the years.

World Convention: We want to thank all those who attended and gave so generously to help with the costs of the World Convention. It was glorious—but the number of attendees was down, so the costs didn’t get covered. We are still looking at over $12,000 of bills that need to be paid. Please help us pray that in!

Also, please pray with us as we seek the Lord for a new venue for next year as the Holy Spirit does our “face lift” as we obey Him. When we were in Grand Forks, we had shared the word given at the World Convention that “It’s time for the End-Time Handmaidens to have a face lift.” One of the ETH had a vision while we were worshipping in that meeting. She said, “I saw you both with your faces and hands lifted to the Lord. You were seeking and worshipping. Then I saw the Lord reach down and lift you up to His face. I sensed this was part (significant) to the ‘face lift’ that has been prophetically spoken to you!” That is so encouraging!

Nightwatch 2019: So as Philip and I press in to seek the Lord’s face, we want to encourage you to do the same! Our turn for the Nightwatch is coming up starting Saturday night, 11:45 PM (EDT) August 17 through 6 AM on August 31. Will you join with us in prayer?

Capitol Hill Prayer Partners, who place intercessors in the galleries of congress and other key locations to pray in Washington, DC, have been mustering prayer warriors for many years to pray through the hours of the night for specific prayer assignments to cover our government, Israel, Native Americans, etc.

This is the time when the most demonic activity is generated, while most of us are sleeping. And this is the time for the “watchmen on the walls” to step up and do their duty to shine the Light of Jesus Christ on the darkness to make it flee! Would you consider taking a two-hour night-time prayer assignment during those nights, or perhaps more than one? Perhaps you would even feel called by God to cover a watch during each of the nights of our cycle. We will be grateful for all who feel the call of the Lord to arise in the night and pray!

We are synchronized with Eastern Time as that is the time zone for Washington, DC.

1st Watch: Midnight – 2:00 a.m. (Eastern Time)
2nd Watch: 2:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m. (Eastern Time)
3rd Watch: 4:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. (Eastern Time)

We have the details for specific subjects for prayer on each watch that can be sent to you. Intercessors may call into a conference call line and pray together from all across the country, or they may just pray at home and connect in the heavens at the Throne of Grace.

If you are willing to participate, please contact our Prayer Coordinator, Sherry Grubelnik by email at or call her at (806) 928-2723. She will give you the specific information and conference line number.

Conference Calls: We now have our own ETH&S Conference Call line that we are making available to our branches and ETH&S to set a date and time for monthly or weekly prayer calls. It is so encouraging to pray with someone, for where two or three [or more] are gathered in His name, Jesus joins in the call, and two can chase ten thousand when the Lord sells them into our hands! Please join us for the Nightwatch and consider when you would like to hold a Conference Call prayer meeting with other ETH&S and call Becky Drosopoulos (540-220-0811) or email her  to get on the schedule.

Jerusalem Summons 2020: February 29-March 11, Philip and I will be joining Pastor Mark Bristow, and Claren and Nancy McQueen to carry a taste of the World Convention to Jerusalem. We need the saints to join us in carrying this amazing anointing to the Lord’s People in His Land. We will be following the leading of the Holy Spirit as we pray throughout the Land, emphasizing the HOLINESS of His Land, the amazing things He has done, and those He promises yet to do. Among many other things, we will be going to Mount Gerizim (the Mount of Blessing) overlooking Shechem, the place where God first appeared to Abraham and promised the Land to his descendants. We will sift for Temple treasures in the debris that was dumped out as garbage by Muslims when they dug into the Temple Mount to construct a new mosque a few years ago. It’s exciting to see what has been found already! You can read the full itinerary by clicking here, and you can register by clicking here. We have limited seats, so as soon as you get the nudge of the Holy Spirit, sign up and send a deposit or the full payment.

Thank you so much for standing with us in your prayers and giving. We are so grateful!

Your handmaiden and servant, Sharon and Philip


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