Urgent Message Regarding Iraq and Kuwait

AN URGENT MESSAGE regarding Iraq and Kuwait, 1990


Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown. (Jonah 3:4b)

On Sunday, August 26, 1990, God spoke to me very clearly and showed me that it was not only the treachery of President Saddam Hussein that has gotten us into this crisis in the Middle East desert, but that it is the wickedness, perversion, the shedding of innocent blood and our pride which has been the real cause behind us getting involved in the crisis.

As my husband and I and two Handmaidens of the Lord were praying together, God gave this special word of warning. My husband taped it. Thank God he did! You can now either read it, or you can order the tape. But this letter will suffice to sound the alarm! (Click here to read.)

George Otis’ recent letter states that the crisis is very severe. He states, “The impending conflict in the Persian Gulf could erupt into a full scale war-any moment!”

In Redeeming the Land, which I wrote and published in 1987, I predicted that the warring spirit over Babylon was playing an important role in these end-times. In the book I stated, “He is a warring prince.’ He has made war between Iran and Iraq. If America is not careful she will shortly be involved with this warring spirit in the Persian Gulf where he has his headquarters (even at the site of the ancient city of Babylon).”2 Not only was Babylon in present day Iraq, but the ancient city of Nineveh was also located in what is now present day Iraq.

Nineveh, the capitol of the Assyrian Empire, just 280 miles north of Babylon, terrorized the surrounding countries for centuries by overrunning and robbing them to enrich itself. It was called the Robber City. This is the same spirit that compelled Saddam Hussein to invade and crush Kuwait-a little country that sat in the peace of its luxury.

Word has come to me that the people of Kuwait are actually saying it was their sins of love of luxury and pleasure that made them forget God Great repentance has fallen on the people. They are wailing and praying on their rooftops through the hours of the night. The night air is filled with the wails of thousands who have already seen their loved ones slaughtered. They are searching for God by spending hours, and even days, reading the Koran.

1) The demon prince over this part of the world is what Daniel referred to as the Prince of Persia.

2) Redeeming the Land, page 108.

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.

and on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy. Acts 2:17, 18

The Lord needs intercessors!

Only prayer with fixating and repentance (on behalf of our nation) can begin to turn this thing around.

If, from the moment you receive this trumpet summons you begin to seek God with great intercession, and fast as much as you are able, I am convinced in my heart that within a short while we will see a change

But, only if America Prays!

When the 52 Americans were taken hostage November, 1979, God called the End-Time Handmaidens and Servants to fast 20 days. Many did, binding such spirits as false religious spirits which cause religious war; binding spirits of hate, retaliation, vengeance, lust to kill, and every messenger spirit to frustrate every plan that would otherwise come through. At the end, God spoke to me: “Because you have obeyed Me, I will spare everyone. Not one life will be lost. They will all come home.” And they did! It was a miracle! God saved each life, even though they were in the midst of a blood bath which took the lives of tens of thousands.

This time God says to seek His face for 40 days; fast only as you are able. Pray and travail before God for our nation. With every day that passes, we are running out of time.

When God gave me this prophesy, I waited to see what He wanted me to do with it. Then I received the command of the Lord to “Sound the Trumpet” through a message in prophecy given by the Lord’s End-Time Handmaiden, Glenyce Doorn, at the Homecoming ’90 Campmeeting at Engeltal, Monday. September 3, 1990.

It’s costing the End Time Handmaidens thousands of dollars to get this urgent appeal out. It’s an unexpected responsibility, and not a part of our regular mailing budget. But:

If America will fall on her face and pray,…

Kuwait will be spared. Iraq will be spared.

evil deeds.

There are many innocent people in Iraq who are not in agreement with their dictator’s

The 3,000 American and 4,000 British hostages will be spared.

Millions of other refugees (such as the Pakistanis, Indians, Orientals, etc.) who today are standing in the hot sands of the desert, dying of thirst and lack of food in no man’s land, will be spared.

And our precious sons and daughters serving in our military on the front line will be spared and be able to come back home to us.

If not?

The world will weep! America will mourn!
I HEREBY CHARGE all End-Time Handmaidens and Servants, friends of this ministry, and Saints of God everywhere to proclaim 40 days from the day they receive this message of vigilance, penitence, prayers, intercession and fastings as they are led by the Lord.
Many of our End Time Handmaiden’s sons and daughters are already in the Gulf region. More are going.
Let us rise up and cry out to God as one great wall of Intercessors that God will forgive us our sins and spare us His judgment!
May God have mercy upon us and not judge us according to what we deserve!
If God speaks to you to join us in special intercessory prayer in your house, or wherever, and if you will fast even a little, will you please include the bottom portion of this page and send it to me so that we here at the End Time Handmaidens’ Headquarters will know that we are not alone! Also, if you have a loved one who is in that area now and want our prayers, please fill out that information too.
Your Sister in Christ,

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