2019 Fourth Quarter Letter – New Name

….A New Era: Early in September, we received a DVD of Patricia King ministering at our World Convention in 2012. She brought a significant prophetic word and encouraging message about six months before Sister Gwen went to Heaven. Toward the end, she declared, “The Lord says, that you are in a beautiful season of preparation for departure… And so I speak the blessing and the goodness of the Lord over this season. And I thank You, Lord, for what You are going to do. And I believe the Lord is saying this year especially, prepare for Rosh HaShana and the Day of Atonement. Prepare well this year, because what you do in preparation up to that time is actually going to set in motion what is going to be coming after that time, even for seven years. And so, prepare well this year. It’s a very important season in the Lord’s calendar, I believe.”
That seven-year period ended on the evening of September 29, 2019! We have entered a new era, so it’s time for change.
We had an absolutely amazing time at the beginning of September at the Sons of God Conference with Bobby Conner and Etienne Blom. The recordings of these profound teachings are available. You may remember from our last letter that Etienne had given us the word of the Lord at the World Convention that the End-Time Handmaidens need “a FACELIFT.” At this event the Lord gave him another exhortation for us:
Now, I’m gonna drop a bomb. I am not afraid a quarter of a percentage to say, this is from God.
God wants change! I said at the World Conference, FACELIFT. And last night and this morning, I got taken into the Spirit and He showed me End-Time Handmaidens, and He said, “Change.”

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2019 4th Quarter Letter and Prophetic Portion

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