A Shift with Expectation of Miracles 



Beloved intercessor,

Loving greetings from the snowy Valley of Angels! Most winters, our two to four snow events are usually three inches or less and only last about a day or two, but we had nearly six inches of snow followed by intense cold that kept it here for over a week. A cold rain came and melted it. We watched as the local snowman lost weight rapidly and disappeared!

In order to get our last prayer letter out with its new format, we didn’t have time to process the prayer requests that have been coming in, so I wanted to write another one as soon as I could so that you can be praying over the many needs that people have shared with us. More on that later.


Bait and Switch: You may recall from our last prayer letter how excited I was to announce the miracle of being able to purchase our used propane tanks. However, when the process really got going, the greedy corporation upped the prices 147.69%, 162.5%, and 200% (depending on the size of the tank). So we drew the line there and vowed never to do business with them again! 

We have reached out to the local propane service that has the best price per gallon. They have already been filling the used tanks that we have obtained in the last year. We have found them to be honest and reputable — a family business. They wisely don’t have a tank rental option, so we have ordered the first 500-gallon tank that we most urgently need. 

We are so grateful to those who have already sent finances as that has enabled us to commit to buy and fill this first one. We nearly have enough to cover it if we drain our emergency fund. Even though this is a larger investment, we are getting brand new tanks, instead of those that are 50 to 55 years old like we thought we would. I think the Lord is pleased for us to have new ones, don’t you?

Please be agreeing with us to be able to replace three more 250-gallon tanks and two more 500-gallon tanks. Here’s the price breakdown, in case you are hearing the Lord to participate with us in this faith venture:


500-gallon tank $3,350.00

Tax $309.08

Propane ($1.69/gal) $676.00

Propane Tax $90.00

Total per tank $4,425.08


250-gallon tank $1950.00

Tax $178.73

Propane ($1.69/gal) $338.00

Propane Tax $45.00

Total per tank $2849.73


Ask the Lord what He would have you do to help us. Perhaps it’s to pray, perhaps it’s to contribute. Some would be able to buy a tank. Others might only be able to buy a gallon of propane ($1.69). Five dollars will buy almost three gallons! If everyone will simply obey the Holy Spirit, this project will be completed to the Glory of God! 

Click Here to Donate! 


A Word of Encouragement: As I was waiting on the Lord one morning last week, He spoke to me in my journal. I would like to share that word with you as I believe it will encourage you, no matter what your circumstances may look like!

Just like snow can apparently come out of “thin air” on a cold, blue-sky day [it’s called diamond dust], so My provision comes from My unseen storehouses that are present all around you in My Heavenly Spirit realm. As the dew relates to rain, this snow does not depend on a visible cloud, but on the right conditions of the dewpoint and location of moisture.

My Spirit controls the spiritual “dewpoint,” and produces miracles that demonstrate My Glory and My faithfulness to My Covenant and My Word.

When the Children of Israel were camped between the Red Sea and the Egyptian army, the conditions were right for an unprecedented miracle. It did not depend on their faith in Me. They were crying out in fear and complaining that they would have been better off to stay in Egypt as slaves. Even Moses cried out to Me. The situation was beyond human comprehension. I had led them to that place and they had obeyed My Word to go there. They did not know that their obedience would put them in what they perceived as peril!

The situation appeared impossible! I deliberately led them into impossibility to demonstrate to them that with Me all things are possible!

All Moses had to do was obey Me again in stretching out his rod of authority as he had over Egypt to bring the plagues. The place known as Baalzephon, “Lord of the North Wind,” was transformed as I blew My East Wind upon the waters and caused them to stand at attention like walls, while the seabed was dried for Israel’s descendants to walk across to freedom.

The Pillar of My fiery Presence stood between them and the Egyptians to immobilize the enemy and demonstrate My greatness to them. I timed everything perfectly, delaying them long enough for My People to cross to the other side, and I drowned the enemy army in their own arrogance, as it were, when the sea returned to normal.

As you put your trust in Me, I will be able to take you into impossible situations in order to proclaim My reality and My Glory. Your obedience to My voice as you walk with Me will give you experience after experience as an eyewitness to My absolute mastery of every detail of the life miracles I intend to show in these days, that all flesh may know that I Am the one and only true, living God, King of all creation. I want My name to be known, and I will use every obedient soul who walks with Me in love to bring that to pass!


Continue to Pray for the Hostages! Recently I have been reminded by the Holy Spirit of Hebrews 13:3. “Remember those in prison, as though you were in prison with them, and the mistreated, as though you yourselves were suffering bodily” (CSB). I understand that there are new negotiations going on for the release of those who are still being held in Gaza. Continue to hold them up, asking God for miraculous provision, miraculous escape, and miraculous healing both physically, mentally, and emotionally from the vicious traumas that have been inflicted upon them.

When I think of that scripture though, it also reminds me to pray for those around the world who have been imprisoned for their faith in nations where Communist, Islamic, Hindu, and other ideologies persecute Christians. 

Technically, in the spirit, at least, the Christians in prison are actually more free than those who are held in bondage to the deceptions of those other ideologies. Recently, I have been enjoying listening on YouTube to many testimonies of former Muslims who have found Jesus and His life-transforming power. I was so encouraged to hear one of them give the statistic that at least three million Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus every year. Of course, this is a very small number when you compare it to the nearly two billion Muslims in the world. We still have a lot of contending in prayer to do! It’s time for the Outpouring! 

For the last 30 years or so we have been hearing about and involved in prayer efforts for the salvation of Muslims. And the Lord has certainly been answering those prayers! Let me suggest to you that as you pray for them (especially in tongues), that you petition Heaven with us that instead of one coming at a time and suffering persecution for their decision to follow Jesus, that whole families, whole neighborhoods, whole mosque communities, whole towns will be reached at the same time. We have heard testimonies along those lines, that groups of people have the same dream on the same night that leads them all to Jesus! 

It is time for the spirit of Islam to be humiliated worldwide! Read Obadiah and pray it for the Muslims to be delivered! 

Also continue to pray for the Christians in India, China, and Nigeria who have been suffering attacks from anti Christian extremists. 

Thank you so much for praying for all these needs and for us as we continue to follow the leading of the Lord. We are deeply grateful for all who are assisting us financially as well and thank you for praying for the Lord to raise up others who will help us!


Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

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