Behold Your Brother

Behold Your Brother

Daughters of Zion, behold your brothers, husbands and fathers have not learned to praise or worship. The burden is too heavy for them.  You must cover them–double portion for yourself and them. Your praise can spread out as covering and a canopy.

Taught by Spirit–cover them, press in even much closer to me.

Press into heavenly citizenship, it will closely resemble glorified state as we become immersed as one. Things of this world will drop off. Don’t let carnality pull you down. Stay in the heavenly places with me.

A work done in your body, soul and spirit that you can’t explain–let not it be revealed to them who can’t understand. You will feel like a split personality. Act human but remain in the spirit as much as you can.

This is a time of transition now from dust to glory.

Your sister, June, she will talk about what you feel in your spirits. What I have told you today hide in your hearts.

Supernatural in the inner man. Many more should be here. They are held down by cords of bondage, as they have allowed circumstances to bind.

A day has come, where some will experience translation.  You will be permitted in your sleep to preach in other places. You will see the holiness of God. It is time for my people to see visions of heaven and be given divine revelation of life after life. Spend much time meditating on Me for on My right hand are pleasures evermore.

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