Divine Synergy for the Coming Dark Days

Beloved intercessor,


Loving greetings from Engeltal where abundant blossoms are filling the air with fragrance and honey bees! I saw my first butterfly a couple of days ago. The forsythia is splashing its sunshiny branches across the landscape. Spring is in full swing, albeit a bit early!

Divine Synergy: I want to share with you something from my journal that I rediscovered recently. I believe it will encourage us all as we face the coming days.

You understand the principle of synergy, that working together produces more than the sum of the labor of the individual workers. Have you ever thought that even My work increases in its volume and greatness when I work with a person on the earth? Did it ever occur to you that this is the reason I empower My angels to do My bidding? I could just speak and it would be done, but I delight to work with My creation, to let them enjoy My Presence in their obedience and see Me magnify My works at their hand. 

As you see My works and magnify them in the telling, whether reading from My Word or declaring a testimony of My works, it not only magnifies My reputation and awareness of Me, it also magnifies My Presence within you and expands your faith. Your vision and expectation is magnified, expanded. Your hope increases. Your sanctified imagination anticipates new realities to be manifested. That is the basis of the Word I spoke through Daniel the prophet (11:32b). “But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits, stand firm and take action, shall prevail and succeed, shall show strength and prevail.” My people who know Me, who recognize and acknowledge Me, who have experience in learning My ways, will have Me with and within them, giving them all they need to prevail against the ones who’ve been corrupted by the flatteries of the wicked. Mine who know Me will be mightily empowered by the synergy of working with Me, and My Kingdom will be built on earth because of what they add as sons and daughters of Adam, whom I made of the dust of the ground. 

I need the synergy of sons and daughters who are made of the earth to cooperate with Me in loving, trusting obedience, no matter what situation appears. Because they know Me and trust Me, I can lead them in ways that will destroy the  underpinnings of evil and darkness. They will be shining ones who will carry My light, My Presence, and the darkness will flee.


Eclipse Events: On April 8 the moon will cross over the sun and darken it for up to four minutes in the center of the path of totality. It will be a little over two minutes in our area. We have two events on our hearts for you to pray about with us. We are planning “The Heavens Declare—Jesus Camp” at the top of the hill by the Glory Tabernacle. Del and Lynnea Chasteen are bringing their Victory Revival Tent and setting up for sixteen nights, beginning on Good Friday, March 29. We have room for about five RVs and about forty tents. The main event is April 5-8. There will be worship, the Word, bonfires, and great fellowship. We are expecting an outpouring of the Holy Spirit! Multitudes are flocking to the area to see what will be for some a once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing night fall in the middle of the day, giving what looks like a diamond ring around the sun as the darkness comes and goes. Pastor Larry Mauriello, who spent thirty years pastoring Benny Hinn’s staff will be among the speakers.


“The Heavens Declare: Pour Out Your Heart” While evangelism will be rolling on top of the mountain, in the Valley we are hosting a worship and intercession event. Nearly everyone by this time realizes that our nation is in deep trouble, and we stand on the precipice of turmoil, the likes of which has not been seen in our generation in this land. We need to gather to pray! The Holy Spirit is calling for the intercessors—the weeping women: “Thus says the Lord of hosts: Consider and call for the mourning women to come; send for the skillful [wise] women to come. Let them make haste and raise a wailing over us and for us, that our eyes may run down with tears and our eyelids gush with water” (Jeremiah 9:17-18 AMPC). Perhaps you have already been interceding in your own prayer closet, but come here and let us create a corporate supplication as our voices rise together to our merciful Father’s throne. Men are welcome to intercede too! Plan to be here with us for five nights and four days of prayer, beginning April 5. We will have an airport shuttle if you need to fly here. Bed and meals will be provided for a donation of $250. More details are available on our website. Please pray about joining us for this Holy Spirit led event!


House of Praise Renovations: We are so grateful to the Lord that He has brought us some helpers for a season! Jay and Carissa Christensen and their four children (ages 13-20), have come alongside and have been a great help! Jay is a real handyman and has been working to finish the renovations on the House of Praise. He has wrapped up the painting and installed new flooring throughout the house, hallelujah! 


We Can See the Pond Again! Meanwhile, Dennis McCrary, Philip, and some of the kids have been clearing a LOT of undergrowth, small trees, and brambles from around the upper pond right by our ladies’ dorm/dining hall/chapel, Bethlehem. It’s wonderful to be able to see the pond again! The job isn’t finished yet, but a great deal has been accomplished! Through the years, the stream that feeds the pond has been carrying sediment that has washed off our road in periods of rain. It will be great to reclaim some of that gravel and put it back where it belongs!


Finishing the Fourth Season of Our Podcast: Philip and I have been enjoying making “21st century radio” programs for nearly four years now. Although we haven’t been able to travel to the nations, we know that our voices have been heard in at least 189 nations! We do a variety of programs with teachings and interviews with people whom God is using in powerful ways! Some of our guests include: Dean Braxton, Tony Kemp, Bruce Allen, Michael Van Vlymen, Shirley Smith, and many more. Our podcast (and ministry) theme is, “God promises in Joel 2:28 to pour out His Spirit on all humanity. Welcome to Global Outpouring where we contend for that Outpouring, we equip for that Outpouring, so that we may engage in that very Outpouring.” If you are not listening on a regular basis, we hope that you will consider availing yourself of this resource! We are on all the major podcast platforms, and if you aren’t familiar with any of those, you can listen on YouTube or go to our website https://globaloutpouring.org where many of the episodes are posted. And please do pray with us for the support to cover the expenses of this missionary ministry. 


Convention 2024! We are excited to host the Holy Spirit once again in this Convention! Please plan to join us June 11-14 at the Glory Tabernacle, Jasper, AR. We will be opening Engeltal for guests, and expect to have registration open soon. Among others, our speakers will be Tony Kemp, Valerie Melroy, and yours truly. As always, worship is one facet of the Convention that stands out, and we are expecting to press in for a higher realm than we have ever reached, as the hour calls for it! Claren and Nancy McQueen will lead many of the sessions, and we are welcoming a group that is new to us as well: Three O’Clock Session (Donna, Dave, and Wes Brooks). Make your plans to be with us for new levels of contending, equipping, and engaging with the Lord.

Generation Awakening: We are very keen about including young people in Global Outpouring! We must teach them to contend, equip them, and help them engage with the Holy Spirit! Recently we had a weekend where we hosted a group to minister for us for Friday Night Live Worship, and they enjoyed an afternoon of hiking, as well as ministering in worship for the Saturday night healing meeting we hold at the Glory Tabernacle. We are planning another weekend, May 17-19, that will include ministry and kayaking. We have also scheduled the Generation Awakening Retreat for July 10-13. Please be praying with us for God to move in a mighty way to build His relationship with these young people for a lifetime of joyful co-laboring with Him to build His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven! Consider helping us financially to support this vision.

School of the Supernatural Translation by Faith: Dr. Bruce and Reshma Allen will be here again for classes, September 2-7. Come and deepen your walk with God as we search the scriptures to expand our expectations of the supernatural “greater works” that Jesus promised we who believe would do. More information will be on our website soon.

Fire on the Mountain: Fire on the Mountain weekend held at the Ozark Glory Tabernacle October 3rd – 6th. 


Thank you so much! We are deeply grateful to all who partner with us in this Kingdom work. We look to our Father to provide. We appreciate all who are hearing Him speak in that still, small voice to give. We bless you for your faithfulness to obey Him!


Your handmaiden and servant,

Sharon and Philip


 1: yada, to be acquainted with, to recognize, acknowledge, perceive, to know by experience

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