Draw Near to God!

Loving greetings from the Valley of Angels! The angels have certainly been busy these days! Prayer warriors are stepping up to get into agreement with the King and the battle is raging. We know that our King rules triumphantly, and that He is in the process of cleaning house in the earth, and most especially in the USA!

2020 has been a year designed by the Lord to cause His people to draw near to Him. Yes, we know that the forever loser has been busy pushing His diabolical agenda on the earth in hopes of keeping God’s will from being done. He’s trying to stop the Third Great Awakening, the prophesied massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit with a resulting vast harvest of souls. However, our Father has a plan to use the devil’s weapons against him, even as He did at the crucifixion. “If the princes of this world had known, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory!”

This time of being shut in has been to give the Body of Christ the opportunity to draw near to God, cleanse our hands, and purify our hearts (James 4:8). Many have returned to the Lord or have come to the Lord for the first time during this season of lockdown.

Now that the elections have been so obviously dishonest, all it is doing is bringing to light the corruption that has been hidden under tables and submerged in the swamp. This is all going to come into exposure and America will be saved and returned to our righteous, Biblical foundations.

A Vision: I want to share with you a vision that I quoted in my book, Rich Wounds. I believe that it will encourage you from Heaven’s perspective:

As the Lord took me into the Spirit, He said, “Fear not. I have prepared you for the battle,” adding that the battles that He prepared for His people are not for the purpose of defeat nor for their wounding, but rather they were to cause them to draw near unto Him.

Then taking me into His lovely presence in that high place where He ever dwells in the glory of His cloud of fire, He told me to look. As I looked, I saw far below the forces of the enemy like frightening shadows of darkness like immense mountains. Furthermore, they were attacking His own ones whom I saw like lovely lights filled with glorious life. These shadows were battling against those lights trying to cover them, put them out and destroy them in their fury. Then suddenly those living lights who loved Him and were loved by Him rose up in anger and fury and great strength against those horrible shadows. As they stamped upon them flattening them under their feet they were drawing nearer unto Him. These battles and victories were effectively lifting them nearer unto Jesus.

“When I permit the enemy to attack my own loved ones,” He said to me, “I never take any risks of any kind at any time. For the enemy can never win the battle against them.”

I went on in my book to write this exhortation to draw near to God and soak in His Presence:

Soaking in the Presence of the Lord begins with becoming aware of your eternal Father who is there all the time. His Spirit, His Presence, is like oxygen—you can’t sense it with your five natural senses, but it’s all around you, and you can’t live without it. According to Jeremiah 23:23-24, God’s Presence is everywhere; He fills Heaven and Earth. But all too often you are unaware of His Presence because you are not fully living and walking in the Spirit, which is your inheritance. Unhurriedly staying for a while in His Presence changes you in the same way that fabric soaking in dye changes its appearance, or a cucumber soaking in brine changes its flavor. When saturation occurs, you will never be the same. You are eternally transformed.

When you soak in His Presence, you become aware of His attributes. All of the fruit of the Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience toward others, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) become accessible to you, but the greatest of these is love. This kind of love is inexpressible; no mere words can contain it. It gives you everything you need and crave in your innermost being. Then the healing begins. Things you couldn’t put right for yourself become adjusted as His manifestation fills your empty places and reveals to you His passion for your soul.

As God’s peace envelops you, all the looming possibilities suggested or threatened by the darkness collapse as the light of the Lord’s countenance shines on you. You are set free from bondage to fear, and faith takes its place. Deep trust comes and grows deeper the longer you remain in that place.

Staying in the awareness of His Presence inspires you to grow up in Him. His Presence pours out the grace to overcome your fleshly immaturity—the grace to become all that He made you to be—the grace to walk as a mature son of your Father. It’s like entering into the family business as a partner, doing business on your Father’s behalf with His guidance and blessing.

Perhaps you will hear a message from His heart in your spirit: words of comfort, instruction or direction. Or maybe it will be an impression that comes without words; you will have an idea, perhaps a concept, a revelation that can close a door from the past and open a new one for your future. Hope ignites in your soul. The need you couldn’t put into words is met and your faith steps up to accept that God is all you need.

In Him is life—it exudes from Him and penetrates your soul, freeing you from the wages of sin. Truth pours out from Him and destroys lies. Your heart becomes assured and at rest in this confidence: that because He is all His Word says He is, you are also all He says you are. As you rest in His Presence, He resets you, from glory to glory.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit points out a place in your life where your old nature that was crucified with Christ is still trying to operate. He ministers an upgrade into that area, helping you to possess a share of the divine nature because He lives within you, and the old ways wither out of existence. As God cleanses your imagination, your mind is renewed, and you begin to grow in the prophetic.

Being in the Presence of God in the present opens a window into eternity. You may be caught away to view the glories of your eternal home. You could have visions of biblical events in the past, or the future.

In His Presence comes the revelation of God’s call on your life. You begin to feel His heart for the lost as His love compels you to share your life in Him with your neighbor or a stranger. Perhaps He will put a nation or people group on your heart, and intercession for His outpouring will come from deep within you, making a difference in the spirit realm over those people. Perhaps He will lead you to go somewhere in His service, and the grace that comes from His Presence will cause joyful obedience to well up inside you.

The Holy Spirit fills and refills you, each time transforming your walk and relationship with Him, as you practice His Presence.

Grace and peace be multiplied to you from God your Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ as you make His Presence a priority in your life.

Dutch Sheets has been leading the charge to intercede for America, contending for the fulfilment of the Word of the Lord through His prophets, travelling to the battleground states and carrying out the strategies that the Holy Spirit has given. If you haven’t already been following his daily prayer videos and/or prayer leads, you can find them on his website www.givehim15.com (or download the app). Get into agreement with thousands in prayer and stand until the battle is won! Then keep praying for the righteous rebuilding of this nation!

Prayer Conference Call Nightly at 6:00 P.M. Central and Nightwatch: We are having a glorious time praying together with about 40 people each evening at 6:00 P.M. If you would like to join us, dial (425) 436-6348 and use the access code 7411925#. Capitol Hill Prayer Partners have asked us to extend our coverage of the Nightwatch for two more weeks, so we are praying on that same number every night over Washington DC and our government from midnight to 6:00 A.M. Eastern Time through December 15-16. Join us as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Thank you so much for standing with us as we all stand together with our mighty King Jesus Christ!

 Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

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