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Beloved Intercessor,

Happy Independence Day! We are really only independent because of our dependence on God! “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD…” (Psalm 33:12a). We are only blessed as we put Him first, so we have some work to do in prayer to eliminate the contenders in the spirit.

Can you tell we’ve been busy? I hope that you received the newsletter that we sent out in May through the US Postal Service. It was quite a struggle, as we had several simultaneous computer glitches that made the process very difficult. It was certainly a trial of our patience! If you didn’t get it, please let us know. I’m hoping to get it prepared soon to send out as a PDF to the email list.

Between the eclipse event in April, the newsletter in May, and Convention 2024 in June, we have been so occupied that we didn’t manage to get a prayer letter out until now. We apologize! We hope that you’ve been praying for us anyway!

Convention 2024:

In order for us to have our youth retreat this year when the young people are out of school for the summer, we had to move Convention to June. It was simply glorious!

Claren and Nancy McQueen carried us into the Heavenlies with his anointed keyboard and her anointed harp. Phyllis Cameron brought her anointing to the Hammond organ and also led worship/intercession one morning. Scott Buss, Mathew Reames, Jennifer Ciesielski, and Philip and I also added of our anointings in the worship. The result of the teamwork was “out of this world”!

We also added a new worship group this year named, “Three O’Clock Session.” They are a family of three: Dave, Donna, and Wes Brooks. They live in the Glory, so the Presence of the Lord moved in a powerful way when they ministered. They led the intercessory worship time on Wednesday and Thursday as well as leading worship in two other services.

Enjoy the Recordings!

I will give you links here to the recordings on YouTube so you can catch up if you missed it, or reinforce the life-changing experience you had if you were able to attend or watch online.

We didn’t realize it when we chose the dates that our opening service would be the beginning of Shavuot/Pentecost on the Hebrew calendar. The Lord gave me a message about renewing our oaths to the Lord during this time.

We were delighted to have Pastor Larry Mauriello join us this year. He spent 30 years as the pastor of Benny Hinn’s staff, and his ministry is delightful, challenging, and life-changing. He spoke Wednesday morning, and Thursday evening.

Pastor Tony Kemp is always a powerful voice for drawing us deeper into relationship with the Lord and building His Kingdom! He spoke Wednesday night and Friday night. We recently brought Pastor Tony onto our board of directors. He is such an asset as we seek the Lord and plan for the future!

We also brought ETH Valerie Melroy onto our Board of Directors, and she spoke in the Thursday morning session. She is is a marketplace prophetic leader. Since 1997, she has been the Co-founder and CEO of Voice and Vision, Inc., a non-profit in Pennsylvania serving individuals, families, and veterans affected by mental illness, addictions, and disabilities. Valerie relies on Holy Spirit, the Master Strategist, for innovations, keys to unlock and lock doors, and connections that impact lives and expand their work and revenue. Her perspective is refreshing!

The Wednesday morning session was a tribute to Israel and a report from Gene and Marylois Little of what has been going on at our House of Peace in Jerusalem. It’s very exciting to see how the Lord is leading, guiding, and anointing His work in His Land. In case you want to give to the Israel Ministry and/or the renovation projects, we have created a new secure  donation page for these needs. You can even set up a recurring monthly gift!

We hope that you will avail yourself of this opportunity to be ministered to through the wonderful technology we have now. Here’s a link to the entire playlist of all the sessions. We trust that you will be as blessed as we were! It’s even better when you can be present personally in an event like this, so let’s talk about next year!

Convention 2025:

For a few months now, I have had it rolling around in my spirit that we should consider going back to a hotel in major city for our annual convention. As time went on, we received a number of confirmations. I also began feeling that we should go back to the Memorial Day weekend when we held our first four Conventions (and our largest ever in 1994). So we are setting aside the dates of May 22-25, 2025 for our next gathering.

At the end of July, we will be doing a site inspection of three hotels in the vicinity of the airport in St. Louis, Missouri, to find a home for Convention 2025. We would like to hear your opinion on the subject. We have a simple survey that asks three questions and gives you a chance to comment. The questions are: 1) How likely are you to attend convention 2025? 2) If you are likely to attend, how many people are likely to come with you? 3) Who would you suggest as a speaker? 4) Comments. You don’t even have to answer all the questions or give your name (unless you want to in the comments). If you would be willing to share your input with us, we will put a link at the end of this letter so your voice will be heard! As we look at these hotels, we will need to have an idea of how many people might attend as they are three different sizes.

Interestingly, this will be our 50th annual event! Also interestingly, there are scholars who interpret the Essene Calendar (that of the community that lived in the desert and produced the Dead Sea Scrolls) to indicate that the final Jubilee begins in 2025! So mark these dates on your calendar and pray for instructions from the Lord!

Generation Awakening Summer Camp:

We so value the up-and-coming generations that we have rearranged our annual schedule to accommodate and minister to them. Next week, July 10-13, we are welcoming youth and young adults, ages 14-30 to attend this retreat. We start on Wednesday evening and are keeping it going through lunch on Saturday so that we can make room for those who have to work to at least get into the Friday evening and Saturday morning meetings.

It will be a time of fun, making new friends, learning from the Word, and growing in the Lord. If you are in this age group, or know someone who is, click this link for more details.

School of the Supernatural Translation by Faith:

Bruce and Reshma Allen, and Patricia Bartell will be bringing this exciting set of classes, September 2-7, 2024. There is a strong Biblical basis for supernatural translations and these are presented in a way that is faith-building and easy to understand. Now is the time to equip those who know their God to do the exploits we find in the scripture. We will not be live streaming this event. For more information, click this link. 

Dean Braxton Seminar:

Our dear friend who spent an hour and forty-five minutes visiting the Father and Jesus in Heaven while the medical team worked tirelessly on his body is coming to teach a seminar on Heavenly Authority on November 2. It’s time for us to understand and step up into that for which we have been created! Dean will also speak for our Friday Night Live Worship on November 1. We will have registration available soon, but save the date and plan to attend. We will not be streaming this seminar.

Adjacent Properties for Sale:

A couple of weeks ago, John Thomas texted us about a dream that he had about the importance of protecting the boundaries of Engeltal. A few days later, in one day, we learned of two adjacent neighbors who are in one stage or another of selling their places. The one with the largest amount of acreage bordering ours (98 acres) has already listed their property with a real estate agent.

Another neighbor, brother-in-law to the man who built the original house in Engeltal, is in his 90s and is getting ready to move into housing that is not so remote as the place he has here. On the same day we learned about the neighbor mentioned above, he spoke to Philip and asked him to see if there’s anyone that would be interested in his place.

ETH Carol Chu owns the house that Sister Gwen’s brother built (with an apartment for their mother) and 5.4 acres. When she’s here, she helps us out a lot, but she has been going back-and-forth to her son and his family in California, as well as family in Taiwan. She realizes that she needs to settle in California now, and has plans to sell her place.

And while we’re talking about real estate, we still have a lot in South Central Florida that Papa Jim bought as a place to retire that is available for sale. It is only a few blocks away from a local airport. The community was laid out with pilots in mind. It’s in a beautiful area near Lake Placid, FL.

Would you please be praying with us for the Lord to put these houses and lands into the hands of His Kingdom people? We know our Father has a good plan to secure them all to those who will flow in agreement with His plans and purposes. Please help us pray through to bring His plans into manifestation. Let us know if you are interested in any of these properties and share this information with anyone the Lord shows you.

New Edition of My Book:

A few months ago I saw that our supply of my third book, Rich Wounds, was getting low. I also felt that I needed to add a chapter about grief and mourning at the loss of a loved one. So I got before the Lord to give me the anointing to write a new chapter and add a few other paragraphs here and there to increase the value of the message. The result is the second edition of Rich Wounds, an Eternal Perspective. You can order it from our bookstore. Click this link to take you there.

New Membership and Branch Coordinator:

Our beloved Betty Bazzle, who served faithfully for many years as our Membership and Branch Coordinator, officially retired a few years ago, and continued to stay in touch for a while with some of the branches. Since Don and Catherine James are currently working with us at Engeltal, Catherine has volunteered to step into this position. After the Youth Retreat, they will begin to make plans to travel as the Lord leads.

Philip and I Are Also Ready to Travel:

With Don and Catherine on the staff, Philip and I feel freer to make some ministry trips around the States. We are making plans to visit in the Midwest and at least a ways into the Eastern States during the first part of August. Please let us know if you would like us to visit and minister among you and the saints you fellowship with. We’ve been known to stop for one or two or more, and building relationships is high on our priority list.

Thank You So Much!

We are deeply grateful for your love and prayers, and we so appreciate the love gifts that you send. We are especially blessed by the gifts that come monthly–regardless of the size. The Lord counts faithfulness as a great virtue, and so do we! In case you want to give now and or set up an automatically recurring gift, click this link to go to our secure online donation page.

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

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