Fill Up on Oil Before September and Build the Firewall!

Loving greetings from Engeltal, the Valley of Angels! We are continuing to increase in our level of worship and prayer according to the Word of the Lord to us, and we trust that you are too! The sweetness of the Presence of the Lord and His Almighty power and authority are also increasing! Although life is not as we were accustomed to, we know that our Father is on His Throne, Jesus is at His right hand, we are seated in the heavenlies in Him, and none of us have anything to fear! What may have been a surprise to the majority of us did not surprise the Godhead, so there is no wringing of the hands nor wondering what to do next. In fact, according to Psalm 2, our Father is laughing at the ridiculous forever loser and his cohorts of the deceived who are straining to overthrow the constraints of God that are limiting their ability to take over the world.

Sons of God Gathering on Hold: Change keeps happening! We learned a few weeks ago that Etienne Blom is unable to leave South Africa due to travel restrictions but had made plans to join us live via Zoom for our event September 2-5. Then a few days ago we learned that Bobby Conner has cancelled a number of his upcoming events, including his School of the Supernatural and our Sons of God Gathering. We are holding this before the Lord for His further instructions, and we will keep you posted as to whether this event will be cancelled or rescheduled. Please join us in prayer for His guidance.

Convention 2020: We had a truly glorious Convention 2020 at the Glory Tabernacle with a relatively small group of people. The Holy Spirit moved in many marvelous ways. I’ll give a more thorough report in our upcoming “Quarterly” Letter. I apologize that we were unable to send these letters during the first two quarters of 2020! It just wasn’t possible to make it happen, but it’s on our to-do list shortly. The CDs and DVDs are available through our bookstore as well as online on our YouTube channel. We hope you will be able to enjoy the meetings and receive what the Lord was pouring out.

The Firewall: As I mentioned in our emergency prayer request letter on July 3, Patricia King contacted me late in June to share what the Lord had put on her heart regarding the vulnerability of our nation, not only from the pestilence, riots, etc., but also from other nations eyeing us for potential attack while we are in this turmoil. She specifically mentioned Iran, Afghanistan, China, Russia, and North Korea. She felt to contact twenty-four prayer ministries to ask them to each take an hour a day from now until the elections (at least), to cover our nation in prayer.

We were already praying each day at 6:00 PM Central Time, so we asked to have that as our time. Patricia has had a website created with the details, but I will print the prayer points and decrees here to make it simple for you. If you want to print a two-page PDF of these prayer points and decrees, click here. She has also created a one-hour prayer video to help give you a jumpstart on praying through these prayer points and decrees.

PRAYER POINTS – for Firewall Intercessors

1. Declare Jesus as the eternal King and Lord of the USA according to Psalm 24.

2. Pray for America to continue to stand with Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem according to Psalm 122:6.

3. Pray prayers of identificational repentance from sinful thoughts, words, and deeds in the Church and the nation according to 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Daniel 9:19, 20. Receive forgiveness according to 1 John 1:9.

4. Pray for the Church in America to be aligned to God’s Word, His Promises, and the finished work of the cross and His ways. (Ephesians 1:3; 2 Peter 1:2-4)

5. Pray for the love and honor of God to completely demolish and destroy strongholds of hate (including hate and dishonor shown towards the unborn, races, genders, authority, etc.) according to 1 Corinthians 13:8a.

6. Pray for righteousness and justice, the foundation of the Lord’s throne to be reestablished in America. (Pray for Supreme Court, law enforcement) according to Psalm 89:14 and Psalm 97:2.

7. Pray for all government leaders to be filled with righteous and wise motives and for every decision to be pleasing to God according to 1 Timothy 2:2.

8. Pray for all in the nation to respect and honor the Lord and His Word according to Psalm 119:57 and Psalm 33:12.

9. Pray for a wall of protective fire to surround America against invasion of any and every ungodly agenda according to Zechariah 2:5.

10. Pray for God’s glory to fill the nation according to Zechariah 2:5.

11. Pray for the health and prosperity of all Americans according to 3 John 1:2.

12. Pray for a great harvest of souls in America and for laborers to be thrust into the harvest fields according to John 4:35 and Luke 10:2.

Decrees for Firewall Intercessors

12 Decrees for The United States of America

1. In Jesus’ name, I decree that the USA is turning to God, embracing the truth of His Word and lawfulness, respecting authority.

2. In Jesus’ name, I decree that the active, holy, and powerful conviction of the Holy Spirit is visiting every individual in the USA, drawing souls into true encounters with Christ.

3. In Jesus’ name, I decree that all who serve the USA in government positions are visited by the righteousness, truth, and justice of God, and that they live in the fullness of Christ’s wisdom in all they do. I decree that any corruption in government will be exposed and dealt with in wisdom and righteousness in order for the nation to be cleansed.

4. In Jesus’ name, I decree that the education leaders, systems, and institutions in the USA are being filled with Kingdom values, wisdom, conviction, and truth.

5. In Jesus’ name, I decree that the body of Christ in the USA is actively walking with and serving the Lord with fullness of focus, sincerity of faith, and in the demonstration of the power of the Spirit.

6. In Jesus’ name, I decree that those who live in the USA are kept in good health and are offered excellent health services and care. I decree that all will live in the health and strength of the Lord.

7. In Jesus’ name, I decree that the media in the USA communicates godly morals, values, and truth, and that the gospel is favored in media.

8. In Jesus’ name, I decree that every godly business and enterprise flourishes in the USA and every corrupt business and enterprise is exposed and falls. I decree prosperity and fruitfulness in my nation as a result of godliness, in order for every individual to have all they need.

9. In Jesus’ name, I decree that the marriages and families in the USA are blessed with love, joy, and peace, and that every home is filled with the goodness of God. I decree that every life conceived is honored, embraced, and protected, with love and respect.

10. In Jesus’ name, I decree that the body of Christ is mobilized into the harvest fields in the USA to bring forth much fruit.

11. In Jesus’ name, I decree that righteousness thrives in my nation in every realm of life, and that lawlessness and corruption have no place.

12. In Jesus’ name, I decree that LOVE is the greatest aim of all Americans and mutual love, honor and respect are shown to all people.


Add This to Your Prayers: As I mentioned, I will be giving more of a synopsis of the Convention in the next Quarterly Letter (in case you are not on the email list to receive that, you can click the link at the bottom of the email you received with this prayer letter that says, “Update Profile,” so you can see which of our lists you have subscribed to and change them as you would like). But I want to include some strategic prayer points from our speakers here.

Kevin Zadai and Tony Kemp both referred to an urgent need for the praying Church (ekklesia) to step up their intercessions in the next few weeks especially. Kevin said that the Lord showed him that more of the same trouble is planned to be fomented by the enemy, and that it is planned to be worse than the virus and riots up to now. He said that it can be lessened or possibly averted by prayer. Pastor Tony was also very specific about the urgent need to pray against assassination of our president.

Kevin said that the Lord told him, “I AM DONE WITH LUKEWARMNESS!!!” He also mentioned that we MUST get oil in our lamps for the next five months, that the Sons of God are being revealed, and we CAN cut off the root of evil.

How do we get more oil? Praying in tongues! Deepening our study of the Word of God! Fasting! Prayer! Prayer! Prayer!

Another very important Holy Spirit-led prayer event during the convention was repentance for racism and perceived racism, even in our own ranks. Sometimes comments are made in innocence (or not) that can be wrongly perceived as a result of past wounds and perceptions. We need to get acquainted and hear each other’s stories to help us relate to each other in the love of God. Every nation, kindred, tongue, and tribe will be celebrating at the Throne. We must start now!

And another repentance piece has to do with the Baby Boomer Generation striving in our youth to throw off the constraints of the Lord, allowing for rebellion, drugs (which amounts to witchcraft), free sex, and abortion (shedding of innocent blood). All these acts of unrighteousness are specific to bringing curses on our nation. We can see that the Jezebel spirit in the Baby Boomers gave birth to the Athaliah spirit in the Millennial Generation. Let’s confront these things in the spirit with humility and repentance, using the Blood of Jesus that is still speaking on our behalf for mercy!

Redeeming the Land: We had a special discount on books during the Convention and we want to extend one aspect of it to you through August 31. Sister Gwen’s Bible study on breaking curses and restoring God’s blessing to the land, Redeeming the Land, will be on sale so that you can have a Bible Study in your home or church: buy one, get two free (three for the price of one!), while supplies last. In fact, we want to bless you with the same deal for Pour Out Your Heart (intercessory prayer), Your Appointment with God (fasting), and God’s End-Time Battle-Plan (spiritual warfare). For each one or more of any of these titles you order, you will get an additional two free. If you order ten, you’ll receive thirty!

It’s time to redeem the land! Please be sensitive to hear the voice of the Lord about redeeming the land! Don’t do it presumptuously or with anyone who is unrepentant, but there is a lot of blood that is still crying from the ground from abortion clinics, murders, recurring traffic accidents, drive-by shootings, and civil war and revolutionary war battlefields. Places where rape is rampant or where witchcraft is being practiced need it too. If you are led by the Holy Spirit to do so (be sure!), go have Holy Communion at the sites of Masonic lodges and temples, asking our Heavenly Father to undo the evil power that they have generated by their idolatry and  unholy communion services. Do ask the Lord for guidance on timing and who your team should be, but take time to study the book and let the Lord lead you to break the curse and restore His blessing on the land.  Be sure you have dealt with all your own spiritual baggage first!!! We CAN cut off the root of evil!!!

The Root of All Evil: First Timothy 6:10 says, “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

Colossians 3:5 indicates that covetousness is idolatry, and we know that the first two of the Ten Commandments forbid idolatry and the last one forbids coveting (desiring something that isn’t yours).

Sadly, the “American Dream” of pursuing success has largely become equated with the pursuit of riches. Jesus talked about the cares of this life and the deceitfulness of riches being the thorns that choke out the seed of the Word and makes people unfruitful in the Kingdom (Matthew 13:22, Mark 4:19).

So, while we are praying for our nation, let’s humble ourselves in identificational repentance and ask our Father to forgive this nation for its hot pursuit and love of money. Greed, lust, and pride are probably our greatest national sins that have led us into the degradation of our society that we see today, complete with the sins that bring a curse on a nation (shedding of innocent blood, witchcraft, idolatry, sexual immorality and perversion, and breaking of covenants).

God calls Israel (and we who have been grafted in) His battle-axe (“Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms,” Jeremiah 51:20). And Jesus said that it is time for the axe to be laid to the root of the trees that do not bring forth good fruit (Matthew 3:10, Luke 3:9).

Let’s fill up our oil flasks and PRAY!!!

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

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