For Canada – Number One

To Canada

given by Gwen R. Shaw
in an End-Time Handmaidens Branch meeting in Detroit, Michigan.
May 8, 1982

Canada – how can we forget the land above us! Canada – who pulled herself away from the land of the three crosses and put a red maple leaf there instead of a cross. But the cross will never leave Canada, for the very cross she sought to flee from shall be planted in her heart. Yea, the Lord would speak to Canada tonight. I have called you many times through My servants and prophets, but you’ve closed your heart’s door. You have rebelled; you have shaken your shoulders. You have raised your heads proudly, yea, you have even called for your independence, not only from your mother nation, but you have called for your independence from Me, saith the Lord you God. And I say unto thee, thou shaft indeed know what it is to be dependent on thyself and independent from thy God. Thou shah know the bitterness. Yea, I say unto thee, that there shall arise in thy midst an enemy, yea even from amongst throe own people, and there shall be a dividing in thy nation. Yea, even as a woman divides a pie, so is Canada already divided, saith the Lord. Yea, even the provinces have already been divided in their spirit. Yea, there is no oneness from coast to coast.

For the Lord saith unto thee, there shall come a new move over the land, and now I am calling you that thou mightest stand in the gap, and that thou mightest indeed travail and make intercession, that the Spirit of God may yet one more time move in thy cities, yea that the Lord would one more time visit thy nation. Call them! Call them! Call them! For I say there are still some godly saints in that nation. There still are those who know how to pray, but they are few. There are those who know how to fast, but they are even still fewer, saith the Lord your God.
And tonight my heart is extended and weeps for Canada. Yea, I say unto thee that thou shaft go in the way of Baal, for thou host gone in that direction. Yea, and thou host even not heeded the Call. Yea, even those in authority over thee have sealed even throe airstreams from hearing the Word of God from this nation. And I would say unto thee that thou in thy pride host lifted thyself up, but if thou wilt, My children, travail, I will send a visitation here and I will send a visitation there, for there still are some righteous in places where I will yet pour out my Spirit.

And I will visit the peninsula of Niagara, and I will pour out My Spirit on the Niagara Peninsula. And there shall come a flooding over from Detroit even to Windsor, with the Lord your God. And I shall visit Windsor; it shall reach up to Chatham. It shall reach even to London, saith the Lord your God. So be diligent, My children. Yea, I will begin to pour out My Spirit in Edmonton. I will pour out My Spirit, saith the Lord, in the Okanogan Valley of British Columbia.

I have heard the prayers and travail of My people, and I shall visit parts of British Columbia, saith the Lord your God. Yea, and I have heard the cry of My righteous in Newfoundland. And I would seek to do new things there, but they are self-righteous, saith the Lord your God. And even if a prophet came in their midst they will not easily hear. But there are some righteous there, and I call you to cast away your self-righteous rags that I might reach you in the. righteousness of the Blood of Jesus and pour out My Spirit upon you. And the Lord would say unto thee, travail much for Saskatchewan. Yea, travail much for Manitoba. Yea, even in Alberta there is a beginning, with the Lord your God. But it is so small. And yea, the Lord says, I will visit the Indian people. I will visit the Eskimos. I will visit them and I will pour out My Spirit upon them in the northern regions, and they shall have My visitation upon them. And concerning Quebec I would send a great warning, saith the Lord your God, for Quebec is a nation of revolution. Yea, even the guillotine is there in the spirit, saith the Lord. Yea, and there is a rebellion of that, and that French revolution is in the heart of Quebec, saith the Lord your God. And thou must bind that strong demon of revolution. Thou must bind that strong demon spirit of Quebec. For I say unless thou dost bind it, it will cause the blood to flow over its borders. Share My burden! Share My burden!

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