For International School of Ministry

Given by Gwen Shaw
during May 1990 School

Yea, the Lord would say, I attend to thee, though thou art small in throe own eyes, yet art thou lifted up and prepared for such an hour as this. And I say unto thee, even as I had My School of Law for the teaching of the Law (which is the teaching of My Word) in Jerusalem in days of old, I will establish it here in these hills and in this valley.

Yea, I say it shall be known around the world. They shall come from many nations to sit at thy feet and to learn the Law of the Lord thy God, even the Law of Love, and the Law of Holiness and the Law of Righteousness.

And I say unto thee that many Doctors of the Law shall go out from this place where I will put it into their hearts to study the deep things of My Word.

For I say to thee, My church has become shallow. It is shallow. I grieve over the shallowness of My church. I grieve over the carelessness and the indifference and the lack of the knowledge of My Word in My Church.

And I have looked for place where I can teach the deeper secrets, even the secrets that have been kept hidden from the ages. And I have established this place. Yea, and I stand with you, and as long as you will walk in humility and in honesty and in obedience and in the truth of My word, it shall grow and it shall grow and it shall grow beyond all of your ability to imagine, for I am the Lord your God and I have decreed the School of Gamaliel in this place.

And in the same depth that My word has been taught you, even in the secrets that have been kept hidden from the foundations of the earth, so shall the Doctors of the Law go from this place, and they shall teach in the same depths in which they have heard the Word taught to them. For I will impart unto those who sit at My feet the same Spirit of Learning, the same Word of Knowledge, the same Depth of Wisdom, the same Understanding of My word and the same Spirit and anointing as that which I have given unto your teachers.

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