Full of Grace and Truth

Beloved Intercessors,

Loving greetings from snow-dusted Engeltal! While we were in Lubbock, Texas, last week, the Valley of Angels rested for a few days under twelve inches of snow! The photos were beautiful! It was nearly gone when we arrived home just about an hour before the next winter precipitation began, hallelujah! Thank you for your prayers for our journey!

Celebrating Jubilee: We had a lovely time with Pastor Mark Bristow in Odessa, Texas, celebrating his 50 years in the ministry. God asked him at the age of 14, “Will you preach for Me?” He responded, “If You will confirm the Word with signs following, yes.” And the rest is history! Signs began following him from the beginning of his ministry. He offered his services to various pastors, but they weren’t interested at the time, so he rented a meeting room for $15 and spent $15 on advertising. People came, he preached, and the Lord confirmed the Word with signs following! We are grateful to the Lord that He connected Pastor Mark to this ministry, first as a speaker and musician at our conventions and meetings, and then as a member of our Board of Directors. He is a great blessing to the Body of Christ and especially to Global Outpouring. Please keep him in your prayers for the next decades to be even more prosperous in building the Kingdom of God.

Five Grandmothers: Many thanks to Sherry Grubelnik who arranged a series of gatherings for us in Lubbock. We enjoyed meeting the saints and encouraging them with worship and the Word. One of the highlights was meeting some of “the five grandmothers” whom the Lord used to get the ball rolling to oust the abortion industry and make Lubbock a “Sanctuary City for the Unborn.” They had already been working together for years in a prison ministry, but when the virus shutdowns began, they determined that they would continue to pray together and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. When they heard that Planned Parenthood was making plans to return to Lubbock (intercessors had prayed them out once before), they said, “No! Not on our watch!” As they prayed, they asked the Lord what they could do to stop this evil. He led them to post compelling, pro-life billboards. They were in touch with Texas State Senator Charles Perry, who is a strong pro-life voice in Texas, and they connected with Mark Lee Dickson of https://SanctuaryCitiesForTheUnborn.com/ . He has been involved with a process to shut down abortion by making it illegal in one city at a time. To make a long story short, when people saw the billboards, they began sending money and joining forces together to pass a city ordinance to make it possible for any relative of an aborted baby to sue the abortionist and abortion clinic workers. This frightened the abortionists to the point of giving up their plans. People have stepped up to turn the old Planned Parenthood building into a home for unwed mothers. Still others have been working to support mothers with unplanned pregnancies to help them either keep their baby or set up less expensive adoption procedures. It’s a glorious start to Lubbock becoming a “city set on a hill,” as it has been prophesied.

Full of Grace and Truth: The other morning as I was praying, I heard in my spirit, “full of grace and truth” from John 1:14. It’s referring to Jesus as He became flesh and came to live among us. He was the glorious “only-begotten of the Father” and John and the others observed Him daily as they walked with Him for three and a half years.

That grace and truth enabled Him to give amazing answers to the Pharisees, Sadducees, priests, and scribes who were continually trying to trick Him into saying things they could use to accuse Him. His responses were full of Heaven’s wisdom and our Father’s truth. After all, He only said what He heard His Father say!

Because we have invited Him into our hearts, He also dwells in us and is full of grace and truth in us. And as we have welcomed the Holy Spirit to fill us, we have the promise of Luke 21:15 “For I [Myself] will give you a mouth and such utterance and wisdom that all of your foes combined will be unable to stand against or refute” (AMP).

This was evident in Acts 4:13-14 when Peter and John stood up to the Sanhedrin after the lame man was healed. “Now when they saw the boldness and unfettered eloquence of Peter and John and perceived that they were unlearned and untrained in the schools [common men with no educational advantages], they marveled; and they recognized that they had been with Jesus. And since they saw the man who had been cured standing there beside them, they could not contradict the fact or say anything in opposition” (AMPC).

The word for “boldness” here is Strong’s #G3954, parrēsia. The “Outline of Biblical Usage” by Larry Pierce give the following meanings:

  • freedom in speaking, unreservedness in speech
  • openly, frankly, i.e without concealment
  • without ambiguity or circumlocution
  • without the use of figures and comparisons
  • free and fearless confidence, cheerful courage, boldness, assurance
  • the deportment by which one becomes conspicuous or secures publicity[1]

This boldness and wisdom comes from yielding to the Presence of the Lord and His instruction in our lives. We are in a time when it is critical for God’s people to be filled with His Spirit and speak only what we hear Him say, being full of grace and truth. Don’t be afraid to step up like the five grandmothers and draw a line in the sand against evil in our own localities, states and nation! Get involved in saying, “No! Not on our watch!” when evil is entrenched or trying to gain a foothold in your community!

It’s also time for us to intercede for the Lord to raise up those with integrity and steel backbone to be filled with grace and truth and take public offices to overcome evil with good. Pray fervently for those already in office to be filled with grace and truth to overcome intimidation, coercion, bribery, etc. Pray for the Lord to fan even the smallest spark of righteousness into a vehement flame so that they will deal justly in this nation. Pray for all the people involved in every type of government office, whether local, state, or national, in the judicial, legislative, and executive branches. Our prayers will make a difference! Guaranteed! Pray in tongues! Pray the scripture! Declare the heart of our Father over this nation to be evangelist to the nations. It’s time for a great awakening and reformation! The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world, and they that dwell therein!

Do join us as you are able on our Firewall Prayer Call at 6:00 PM Central daily (except Fridays) as we intercede prophetically over the subjects the Holy Spirit leads. It’s different every day! We welcome you to join us! Dial (425) 436-6348, when the recorded voice answers, dial 7411925#. Normal toll charges apply as any long-distance call would normally on your phone. If you have unlimited calling, you should have no additional charges.

School of the Supernatural—Translation by Faith: We only have seven seats and beds available, so don’t delay to sign up if you feel the leading of the Holy Spirit to attend! Bruce and Reshma Allen, along with Michael and Gordana Van Vlyman will be teaching us “translation by faith for end-times ministry,” March 20-25, 2022, here in Engeltal. I’m so impressed with this teaching! They make it so clear that walking in the supernatural must be grounded in scripture and that every experience has the clear guidance of the Holy Spirit with discernment and testing of the spirits. The cost for tuition for 6 days of classes, 7 nights’ accommodations, and all your meals is only $450! We will NOT stream these classes. You have to be here to get the impartation. Click here for more information and to register. After the school fills up, we will have a waiting list in case someone cancels, so give us a call if you are unable to register and get on the waiting list: (870) 716-2821.

New Phone System: Hallelujah! Just yesterday, our local phone company deactivated all the extra lines that we have been paying for for years! That will reduce our bill to only what we need to power the new system! However, we had a few power outages recently due to winter weather conditions that made us realize that we still need to put some backups into place. Propane powered generators and labor to install them have been estimated at around $5000. And a cellular data backup if the Internet provided by the phone company goes down (like it did about three weeks ago) will cost around $1200, including labor to install it. Please stand with us for the finances to be able to have good continuity of communications in the rural Ozarks.

Good News! Thank you for your prayers and generosity to enable us to pay the Jerusalem City taxes on the House of Peace. We greatly appreciate the individuals and branches that designated gifts for this project! Thank you for continuing to stand with us trusting the Lord for the other House of Peace expenses throughout the year as we have not had our usual stream of guests during the lockdowns. Our faithful intercessors pray there regularly, so the main focus of the place as a House of Prayer continues in spite of Gene and Marylois being unable to get back there the last two years. It’s time for the current conditions to change for the Glory of the Lord!

God bless you for your love, prayers, and faithfulness to the Lord!

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

[1] https://www.blueletterbible.org/lexicon/g3954/kjv/tr/0-1/ accessed 21 January 2022.

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