Gemstones Out of The Dark Continent

Gemstones Out of The Dark Continent

Given by Gwen Shaw
at the 19th End-Time Handmaidens World Convention. Dallas, Texas

Yea the Lord would say unto you My people, listen and listen well. It has cost My children their lives and their blood. It has cost My faithful pioneers the loss of their homes, their families and much pain and tears to bring you these gemstones out of the heart of the Dark Continent. Yea, I say unto you, if you could see the pathway these pioneers have walked in days of old, if you could but see their fears and stand by their stretchers as they lay a dying, waiting for the call to come home to Me. If you could see the cold sweat on their brow, the fevers that raged in their flesh and the agony of their loved ones as they laid them to rest in the soil of Africa, you would know the price that has been paid to bring you this message of song and salvation from the heart of the Dark Continent.

Yea My children, it is a costly price that My sons and My daughters have paid to bring you these gems that you hear singing before you today. But I say unto thee, for every living stone that you see standing before your eyes rejoicing in My presence, there is a reward, even a diadem, yea, there is a crown, an overcomer’s, victor’s crown. I say unto thee, there isn’t one who laid down their life for Africa who today would say, “Oh, that I had lived.” Every one of them is rejoicing for the honor that was theirs.

And I say unto thee, My children, what has it cost you? What price have you paid for so great a salvation? Thou art altogether found lacking and guilty in many things, My children. But if thou wilt even in this last hour be willing to pay the ultimate price, thou shalt be a gleaner of souls. Thou shalt be one who goes out to find the gemstones that silt lie amid the darkness and yea, the dark, dark places of the world. Thou shalt bring them to me also, for they are at hand to come.

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