God is answering our prayers for the Outpouring!

Beloved Intercessor,
Loving greetings from the highways of Kentucky. Philip and I are in the car, having just
left Asbury University where an outpouring of the Holy Spirit began a little over a week
ago. A normal Chapel session ended with a move of repentance and worship, and it
hasn’t stopped yet. Hallelujah! God is answering our prayers for the Outpouring!

We were able to spend about three and a half hours in the revival meeting last night and
all we did was worship the entire time. Before we even got in, we stood in line in the rain
for about 30-45 minutes. While we were still outside, they started to sing, “Agnus Dei”
by Michael W. Smith. By the time we got inside, the congregation was repeating part of
the chorus, over and over again for 45 minutes to an hour, “Holy! Holy are You, Lord
God, Almighty. Worthy is the Lamb! Worthy is the Lamb! You are holy…”

Sometimes it would crescendo and be a huge sound and sometimes people would cheer
or applaud. Sometimes they would just sing softly. Sometimes the piano was playing and
sometimes it wasn’t. It was just magnificent!

We stayed until 1 AM when they cleared the building for the first time in over a week so
that they could clean it. When they opened up the doors again in the morning, it was
only for young people, 18 to 25.

This afternoon we stood in line for three hours. A cold front went through last night, so
we were in snow flurries and a wind chill of about 26°. It was very cold. Thankfully, the
Salvation Army came and brought some of those tall propane heaters—what a blessing!
We had sweet fellowship with the people around us and God was moving.

We’ve been hearing testimonies of young people who have been lit with the Fire of the
Holy Spirit. People are coming from all over. Philip met some guys that jumped in their
car straight from work and drove all the way from New Hampshire! I heard they’re even
coming from Singapore and New Zealand.

There’s a hunger for God that has now spread to other campuses, according to reports
we have heard. Numerous Christian colleges have sent busloads of their students, and
we have even heard of busloads coming from a couple of secular universities as well.
Revival is not new to Asbury University. I understand the first move of God there was in
1905. After that there were several smaller ones and then there was a big one in 1950. A
student led prayer initiative opened up the Heavens to a very great one in 1970 that
spread to many campuses, far and wide at a time when many secular campuses were
erupting in riots and protests over the war in Vietnam.

The 1970 Asbury Revival was directly related to the Charismatic Move of that era. I
remember hearing about that one. I got the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1971 through
Charismatic Methodists.

It’s a real delight to me to see this move of God among the young people. Recently, I
heard Bobby Conner declare that a move of the reverential fear of God was going to be
hitting the millennials. The group we were watching the last two days are considered
Gen Z. Let’s continue to pray for this outpouring to grow and reach every generation,
bringing every kind of healing, deliverance, and life transformation! Let’s fan the flame
with prayer that it will be a part of the third Great Awakening!


Ivan Tuttle will be with us March 23-25, for the “Releasing the Greater Glory” seminar.
He will be sharing what he saw in Hell and Heaven, about the timeline from creation,
until now, and into the future. The Lord has told him to release the Greater Glory that he
saw in that timeline, and he has a mandate to do it in Engeltal! Please come
and receive of the move that God has for us. This event will be live streamed,
but it’s never quite the same as when you’re there in person if you possibly can be.
Register here to attend. 










Please listen to the podcast we did with Ivan and hear his amazing testimony:
Episode 145: “Releasing the Greater Glory” with Ivan Tuttle Part 1 – Global Outpouring


Also, please plan to come and be with us when Dean Braxton comes April 28-29 to share
what he learned in Heaven about “Consuming Fire Worship.” He will teach and then we
will practice “on earth as it is in Heaven.” He is bringing a special worship team with him.
This will NOT be streamed. Register here to attend.










Pray about joining us in Columbia, Missouri March 9-11 for the “Kingdom Fire”
conference with Etienne Blom, Sheila Ruffin, Greg Ordway, and me. Here’s a link to get
more details.









And it’s not too soon to be planning to attend the Global Outpouring Convention 2023.










Thank you so much for standing with us as we serve the Lord together with you!

Your handmaiden and servant,

Sharon and Philip

P.S. We urgently need to pray about the train derailments in this nation. There have
been over 1000 in the last year. It seems that many of them have been carrying
hazardous materials. Could this be an act of terrorism?

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