History Belongs to the Intercessors!

Loving Christmas greetings from the Valley of Angels! As we celebrate the first coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the rightful heir to the throne of David, let us look for His coming again in power and great glory first by the great Outpouring of His Holy Spirit!

This is a most unusual year in which the Lord has been calling us aside to contend for, equip for, and engage in His great outpouring on all flesh! Remember that about a year ago, He spoke to me not to focus on the outpouring, but to focus on His heart! We must contend for His heart! Only an outpouring of His Spirit and an awakening to the mighty convicting power His Presence will prevent the rioting that is threatened when, according to the word of the Lord, Donald Trump is inaugurated for his second term.

A lot still has to happen before January 20, but history is in the hands of the intercessors, and God will prevail to keep his covenant for this land that was made with our forefathers as they landed on these shores and declared His word over this land! We are still praying together on a conference call at 6 PM central time each day, until the Lord gives us a word to do otherwise. you are welcome to join us and add your agreement. Every member of the Body of Christ has a “supply” to bring (Ephesians 4:16), as we come into alignment with our Head!

When the Lord visited Dutch Sheets a number of years ago, He was weeping and said, “I need America! “As we war with the prophecies, let us keep these great biblical victories in your mind and heart, and praise God that He’s going to more than duplicate them in this season!

• the parting of the Red Sea

• victory of the Amalekites while Aaron and Hur held up Moses‘ hands

• the angels pushing down the walls of Jericho

• David slays goliath

• Fire comes down from heaven on Elijah’s offering, demonstrating that He alone is God

• Jezebel’s eunuchs throw her down from the balcony, Jehu tramples her under his horse, and she becomes dog food

• Athalia‘s scheme to usurp the government is overthrown and the legal king is put into place


Dutch Sheets’ Brother, Tim, had an interesting dream on December 13. Here’s one that you can go to war with! Dutch writes about it on his givehim15.com daily prayer blog:

Let me share a dream with you from my brother Tim Sheets. Tim isn’t a dreamer, so when he dreamed this during the early hours of December 13, he knew it was from the Lord.

Just a little background, Tim is a hunter. Hunters are familiar with the hunting regulation booklet that comes out each year, giving them the dates of the hunting seasons for game. These dates change from year to year.

“In the dream, I was reading the hunting regulation booklet that listed the dates for small game and big game seasons. I saw the various headings such as squirrels: September 1 through January 15, rabbits: November 10 through December 31, pheasants and quail: October 1 through December 10, deer: December 5-11. As I was scanning these particular seasons and the dates the seasons started, I came across an unusual heading: GIANTS. I had never seen a Giants category before and it had my attention. It said GIANTS: December 14 through January 20, 2021 … open season with rifle and muzzleloader, bow and arrows, or trapping. It also said something interesting: Note – they are classified as varmints and there are no daily or season bag limits.”

My observation: I believe the votes will be certified tomorrow December 14, but it is not over – instead, it is the beginning of GIANT killing season. An open season on taking out giants is being given to the Ekklesia! There is no bag limit… take out as many as you can by all available weaponry. They are varmints that are destroying the balance of what God has planned for the nation.

Now, let’s give a disclaimer that we are talking about SPIRITUAL giants, not people. This is not a physical battle where natural weaponry is to be used. We are to use our spiritual weapons as well as the spiritual tools God has given us in order to take out these giants. It is the beginning of the giant-killing season. We are to use our spiritual tools to take out evil plans and schemes. God is giving His Ekklesia spiritual strategies to take down the giants.

Redeeming the Land: this book is one of our best sellers, and we just ran out of it. We are printing a new edition with a new cover by James Nesbit. I’d like to share with you a little bit from the foreword I have written for it. It’s time for us to take our authority in an even stronger way in these days to bring redemption to our nation and the earth!

“When Gwen Shaw came home to our headquarters with the revelation of Redeeming the Land, she gathered all of us on the staff, taught us the principles, and we proceeded to do it on the land where we lived and worked. We prayed around the compound and followed the procedures she describes in this book. We could feel a difference in the spiritual atmosphere. And very shortly thereafter, physical evidence of the blessing of the Lord came too! As fruitfulness was restored to our land, my husband and I, along with another young couple on our staff were delighted to find that we were expecting! Nine months later we welcomed our daughter into the world, and they had a son.

“When demonic strongholds and curses are removed, God’s blessing comes to take its place. We found through the years that Redeeming the Land, breaking curses, and restoring God’s blessing was a process that seemed to come in layers like an onion. And when new sin produces a curse once again, it must be dealt with as soon as possible.

“Deuteronomy 21:1-9 explains from God’s point of view how to deal with an unsolved murder so that the shedding of innocent blood will not bring a curse on the land. He made provision for the elders to take responsibility and bring the blood of a substitute to bear over the situation when it was impossible to make the murderer pay the penalty. Now that we live on the other side of the cross, we who are mature in the Lord can take the powerful cup of the Lord which Jesus declared is the New Covenant in His Blood. He became our substitute to deal with our own sins, as well as the sins of others, especially as those sins bring curses on our land:

• The shedding of innocent blood (abortion, murder, gang wars, civil war Numbers 35:33-34)

• Sexual immorality (Fornication, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality Leviticus 18-20)

• Witchcraft and occult practices (Deuteronomy 18:9-12)

• Idolatry (Jeremiah 16:18)

• Lawlessness and covenant breaking (Isaiah 24:4-6)

“This book outlines many of the strategies of darkness to exert and maintain control of the land and thereby of the people by setting up sin in different locations. You will also learn the Lord’s strategy for reversing the curse through the mighty power of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

“One word of caution: be sure to deal with your own sins and those of your bloodline to the third and fourth generation of your ancestry. You don’t want to leave any doors open for retaliation!”

Now is the time to bring the forgiveness of the Lord to your nation and restore God’s blessings to the land! Don’t stop contending until the Holy Spirit gives you a release! This is critical for the whole world and you have a part to play!

Generation Awakening: We have postponed the annual retreat for our young people until Memorial Day weekend. Watch our website for further announcements.

Thank you! We are always grateful for your heart being connected to us as we labor together for the Lord! Thank you for co-laboring with us in prayer and giving. We are grateful! Have a glorious Christmas celebration in the Presence of the Lord!

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

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