“I’m going to pour out My Spirit upon one Korea…”

We should also continue to add prayer power to the situation with the despot in North Korea. Rather than repeat the threats that we are hearing, let us repeatedly declare the prophetic word that Sigi Oblander gave at the 2017 ETH&S World Convention:

“And surely saith the Lord, The cup is full. The cup of iniquity and wickedness is full. And even so as the wall of Berlin has fallen, and even so as I took two countries and made them one, you are going to see, My people, that the impossible will be possible. Even now I am setting things in order, and I’m making the right move, saith the Lord. And it will be an unexpected move just like a chess player. I am going to triumph, saith the Lord, and the evil will not triumph, but you are going to see that the impossible is going to happen, and that I’m going to take up the wicked one, that I’m going to tumble him over, and that you are going to see a unification of My purpose and destiny, that I’m going to pour out My Spirit upon one Korea, and that one Korea shall rise up in might and in power, because this is the time. This is the hour, says the Lord. So press in, My people, press in, My people, and believe for the impossible, for I have set this scene in this day and in this hour!”

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