Israel at War — Day 10

“Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble: thou shall compass me about with songs
of deliverance, Selah” (Ps. 32:7).

“He shall cover thee with his feathers and under his wings shall thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield
and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night, nor for the arrow (rocket) that flieth by
day” (Ps. 91:4-5).

Dear Friends of Israel:

A series of loud blasts/booms shook the windows of the House of Peace late this afternoon.
They were from a barrage of Hamas missiles directed at Jerusalem near sunset. Two of these
“arrows” were so close to us, you could see the smoke trails snaking behind them. This volley
was sent as a challenge, to Prime Minister Netanyahu. He and the whole Knesset were
meeting when they were interrupted by wails of sirens, warning them to take shelter. Amir
Tsarfati (Telegram 6:54 pm Israel time) posted video footage of a few of these missiles nearly
hitting the Al Aksa Mosque! It such a thing happened it would fulfill Isaiah’s word that the
“the hail (missiles?) shall sweep away the refuge of lies” (Is.28:17-18). The Abmad Kadyrov
Grand Mosque (also known as the Mosque of Peace) in Abu Ghosh was “hit” by one of these
“arrows” last week.

This is day 10 of Israel at war.

The situation here appears to at a stalemate. On one side, the
world’s politicians are vying together for a peaceful resolution to resolve further bloodshed.
Even President Biden is due to arrive Wednesday. His last words of counsel in a phone
conversation to Prime Minister Netanyahu was to not invade Gaza. The UN is sending its
representatives, as is the Arab world and the Pope. Yet Hamas continues to remain silent,
holding close to 300 hostages. The Israel Defense Ministry announced that there were 199
Israelis known to have been taken away by these Islamic terrorists, while another 100
foreign workers and citizens are held captive.

Meanwhile, The armies of Israel are gathered at the borders of Gaza, ready to eliminate
Hamas, whatever the cost in Jewish soldiers. They have been waiting for four days now,
poised to strike. The future of the State of Israel is at risk unless this ISIS inspired group
and its followers are defeated. They are a most formidable foe, having trained to confront
Israel for decade, yet the IDF is also militarily skilled in defeating these Islamic terrorists.

Plausible Denial

In my last update, I mentioned that Hamas at claimed to have shot down a Yasur (Petrel),
CH-53 heavy lift helicopter, which was sent to intercept the flood of terrorists invading
Southern Israel. At that time, I could find no verification of any sort that this incident had
happened. A Reuter’s post said that the footage came from a computer war game simulation.
Well, that story was apparently a “’plant” or “cover story” released by the IAF. Apologies on
my part for missing that. Today, the Israel Defense Minister revealed that one of its aircraft
was shot down, Oct 7th probable by a Kornet missile, which disabled one or more of its jet
engines. The CH-53 which has three engines, was on route to Kibbutz Be-eri, and was able
to make a forced landing, then evacuate the 50 IDF commandos on board. It was
completely destroyed by fire. Apparently, the IDF had “placed” a “gag” order on the press, so
as to stop any information being released. This is the first time Israel has “lost” such an
aircraft in enemy action. The CH-53E helicopter in 1992 cost some $24 million dollars, while
newer models (K) today are priced at $138 million per aircraft. (

Israel’s Northern Borders are Evacuated

Israel is also being militarily pressured by Hezbollah. This Iranian terrorist group is threatening this
nation daily. Anti-tank missiles have been shot at IDF armored vehicles, mortar fire has peppered
some of the border Kibbutzim and its short-range missiles have landed in the surrounding
communities. Yesterday, Hezbollah’s fighters destroyed a number of Israel’s observation towers,
shooting out cameras, and other detection devices. Israel has responded in kind with aircraft raids
into Southern Lebanon. Today an order was released by the Defense Ministry to evacuate 28
communities and kibbutzim that are close to the border. This would include Metula, once home to
the “Good Fence.” The risk of another copycat invasion by Hezbollah with powered hang gliders and
drones is just too great to ignore. These citizens will have to be relocated elsewhere until this crisis
passes. Israel is keeping a wary eye on Hezbollah lest they launch a full scale attack against this
nation, while the IDF has most of its army fighting in Gaza.

U.S. “Strike 12 Group” is in Dangerous Waters

A U.S. Navy “Strike 12” task force, which includes the aircraft carrier Gerald Ford has been
sent into this area, in case military intervention is needed. Yet, as these ships sail these
waters, vigilance is needed. Hezbollah possesses a number of advanced Russian “Yakhont”
and Iranian “Noor” land to sea missiles that could threaten any ship within their 180 mile


I spent a number of hours at the Ben Gurion airport today, taking two of our guests to meet
up with their evacuation flights. I was able to accompany our Argentinian friend Nidia to
her meeting place where she and others were ushered onto a special flight to Buenos Aires.
There are two more guests at the house who will also be leaving in the next few days. Then,
Marylois and I will probably do the same, after we secure the House. Yet we feel in many
ways: “pressed to stay, but compelled to go.” Pray for us to have the wisdom to make right
decisions regarding the way we should go.

The airport is a packed with evacuees. Representatives from a number of nations were there
with their flags posted, so their citizens would know where to meet up. There are daily
flights now, that you can leave to other safer destinations. Today the U.S. also leased a Royal
Caribbean ship to evacuate its citizens from Haifa to Cyprus. Once there, evacuees will have
to make their own way home.

Please Pray

Please find a map of Israel and pray over its borders. Pray for the safety of the IDF and the
IAF pilots. Pray for the citizens displaced in Northern Israel that they may find shelter in
the midst of this storm. Pray over its sea coasts, and over the ships of the Israeli Navy and
the U.S. Navy. Pray for the hostages that Hamas holds. Pray for their freedom, and that they
would not be abused. Pray and decree Luke 4:18, Isaiah 61:1. Jesus came to set the captives
free. Pray that all spiritual darkness protecting Hamas be uncovered. Pray that Hezbollah
and Syria turn back and turn away from threatening Israel. Pray that Iran has the same bad
advice towards its proxy Hamas like Ahithophei told Absalom (II Sam. 15:31-34). Pray for
Israel’s Unity Government and PM Netanyahu’s war cabinet that they make wise decisions.,
regarding Israel’s approach towards defeating Hamas. Pray Psalm 91 over the IDF, over the
believers here, and over all of AM Yisrael (people of Israel).

Resting in His Presence,

Gene and Marylois
House of Peace, Jerusalem

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