It Pays to Obey God!

Loving greetings from Northwest Illinois. Philip and I are attending the “Heaven on Earth” conference this weekend in Peru, Illinois, with Tony Kemp, Kevin Zadai, and Dean Braxton. Instead of holding our Friday Night Live Worship service this week, we encourage you to tune in to that service that we will be enjoying live. We are anticipating a life-changing experience in the Presence of the Lord. It is so delightful to enjoy His Glory in a place where we don’t have any responsibilities!

Sons of God Solemn Assembly 

We hope you will join us (preferably in person) the following weekend, September 11-13, when Pastor Tony Kemp and Michael Van Vlymen will be with us for this highly anointed weekend. Worship, intercession, and deep teaching will continue to equip us for the Global Outpouring!

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If you cannot join us in person, please tune in on our YouTube channel. 

Meetings along the way: Last Saturday, we stopped packing, put on our matching outfits from Nigeria, and joined a Zoom call with our ETH Bishop Mercy MacJones and her women’s organization, “Daughters of Jesus.” They were having their annual international conference online. It was delightful to preach to local groups of ladies in Nigeria, Malawi, the United Kingdom, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, India, Chile, and the USA—from our kitchen! The anointing was strong as the Holy Spirit ministered joy and hope from His Word. 

At the conclusion of the meeting, we finished packing, jumped in the car, and drove to Kansas City. We had an informal meeting Sunday afternoon  with anointed worship, lively discussion, and sharing the Word. On Monday we drove to St. Louis and did the same thing there. 

On our way to Chicago on Tuesday, we stopped briefly to worship, pray, and share Holy Communion at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Betty Love joined us by phone and together we blessed the waters as they would flow on to the sea and go out to bless the nations. 

It is time to pray through to our Father’s heart for Him to pour out His glorious Holy Spirit on all flesh!!!

On Wednesday evening we had an anointed meeting at Helen Cousineau’s house in the Chicago suburbs. 

Israel 2021: While in Chicago, we also met with our travel agent, Madeleine Cohen. She explained to us how devastating this shutdown of flights and tourism has been to Israel. Tourism is an important part of Israel’s economy and many jobs depend on it.  

As we prayed about whether to move forward with our Jerusalem Summons tour that was scheduled for this coming November, we felt to postpone it until November 3-14, 2021

We will be focusing on the holiness of the Holy Land. That means how dear the Land is to our Father’s heart, how it is HIS eternally and how He gave it to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to steward. As we visit locations where significant biblical events took place, we will take a fresh look at how sacred this Land is that our Father would choose it as a sign to the nations of His greatness and glory! We anticipate offering anointed worship and receiving profound revelation as we honor the King of kings in the City of the Great King!

Madeleine went to bat for us to keep the price from going up, so it will still be $3995 from Newark.

Just obey God! We had a free afternoon on our way to Peru, Illinois, so we decided to visit the birthplace of Philip’s dad, Martintown, Wisconsin. It is just north of the Illinois border. 

There are just some foundation stones left of the gristmill that was owned (or at least operated) by Philip’s Great-grandpa Bucher. Grandpa Buss was working in the gristmill for his father-in-law, but the Lord had been dealing with him and Grandma Buss to move. 

One day, Grandpa Buss, who couldn’t swim, fell into the water. Thankfully, he was rescued, but they didn’t move. Sometime later, his hand got caught in the corn cracker and he lost three fingers—but they still didn’t move. Then Grandpa had an open vision one day while working in the gristmill. The doors opened and a coffin rolled in on a gurney. The lid opened so he went to see whose body was in it. It was HIS! They moved!

Some years later, they were living in Olivet, Illinois, associated with the Olivet Nazarene College. It was booming, and many people were moving there to participate in the move of God. 

One day, the Lord spoke to Grandma that they must move. They could see no reason for it, but they had learned their lesson and obeyed God, moving to Danville, the city to the north. 

Not long afterward, a fire broke out in the administration building and it burned to the ground. Philip’s dad was there watching and heard the pianos fall through the floor. It was a tragedy! Overnight, property values dropped 50%, and the college relocated to Kankakee. Olivet is now just a tiny community that doesn’t even make it on many maps. 

It pays to obey God!

Beloved, just like the vision Grandpa Buss had of himself in the coffin, in the same way, God gives dreams and visions to people as a warning of what will happen IF we don’t change our ways, IF we don’t obey, or IF we don’t pray. It is conditional. Equally so, prophecies, visions, and dreams of what God intends you to do for good are conditional to our obedience and cooperation in agreement with His heart. 

After David obeyed God to deliver the town of Keilah from the marauding of the Philistines, David was warned that Saul had heard he was there and was gathering the troops to besiege Keilah to capture him. David enquired of the Lord if it were true, and if the men of Keilah would turn him over the Saul. The Lord confirmed that Saul was coming and that he would be turned over to him by the men of Keilah. 

Did David sit there because God said that it was to happen? NO! David got up and left with his mighty men. 

Jonah preached that Nineveh would be destroyed in forty days. Was it? NO! Why? Because the people repented. Did that make Jonah a false prophet? No, it was destroyed about 150 years later. The mercy that Nineveh’s repentance purchased lasted about four generations. That’s about how long it takes for a family to forget the experience of great-grandparents. 

We are responsible to pray, repent, and act to avert the things that have been shown in prophecies, visions, and dreams. I believe that intercession stopped or at least slowed the train of end-time events forty or fifty years ago when we thought things would happen immediately. 

These things are conditional, and our words, declarations, and prayers will determine what will be and when. 

We know that it is time for the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit and that the forever loser is trying his best to stop it. God’s righteous judgment is coming on evil in answer to our prayers, and “souls will be saved like falling leaves from mighty oaks swept by a hurricane.” Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!

Thank you! We are so grateful for each and every prayer and gift through those who are helping us in this ministry! We can joyfully report that we have shifted our accounting department to our new computer program and expect to have the bookstore up and running on it in the next week or so. Thank you for your prayers for smooth transition!

Your handmaiden and servant,

Sharon and Philip 

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