“It Takes All Kinds!”

Beloved Intercessor,

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Jerusalem Zoom Meeting: A number of us have been engaged with the worldwide prayer and fasting initiative for Israel that started May 7 and will end on Pentecost Sunday, the 28th. The last estimate that I heard was that there were 10 million people committed to pray. Also there’s a group of 100 million Christians around the world that agree to spend a day in prayer for a specific country about three times a year. They will be focusing on Israel on Pentecost Sunday! This is totally unprecedented in all of history! We can fully expect a powerful move of God in Israel! And what happens in Israel affects the nations!

The part that we felt led to play in participating in this was to connect with Marylois Little and the intercessors at the House of Peace in Jerusalem for a Zoom call to pray together for whatever is on the Lord‘s heart that particular day. It’s wonderful to think that our voices are actually being released into the atmosphere in Israel as we connect in this way!

The first several days we were deeply engaged in praying for the protection and defense that comes from the Lord as barrage after barrage of rockets were launched from Islamic Jihad into Israel! God has given Israel wonderful technology for dealing with rockets in the Iron Dome. The system measures the trajectory of a rocket as it is launched and shoots down those that are headed for populated areas. Because each one of these interceptors is so very costly, anything that is headed for open space is left to land there and explode, presumably doing no harm to anyone. When a new super explosive rocket was headed for Tel Aviv, Israel used a brand new technology called David’s Sling, that worked perfectly to intercept. Evil hearts plotted to deliberately send this super rocket to do great destruction to a very populated area. Their hope was to shed a massive amount of Jewish blood.

We know that prayer also can cause the angels to intervene in anything that technology misses, to spare lives. We have prayed a lot about the people who were injured and particularly those who have been terrorized with fear as these warning sirens go off. A number of the injuries that were treated in area hospitals were people who had fallen as they were trying to reach safety in their bomb shelter. The one death that occurred in Israel was in an apartment building whose bomb shelter was being used for storage, so no one could get in.

The last two days we prayed about Jerusalem Day being a peaceful, joyful event, and that those who are believers would carry the Presence of the Lord and release it into the Old City as they walk through it. Gene talks about Jerusalem Day more in his portion of this prayer letter.

If you want to join with us on this Zoom call daily at noon Eastern time, 11 a.m. Central Time, etc., please email us at prayer@globaloutpouring.org for the zoom information. If you don’t have a computer, tablet, or smart phone to click the link, you can still call in with your ordinary telephone! If you love to pray, you will enjoy interacting with intercessors from all over, and having your voice be heard in Jerusalem!

Philip and I also recorded a podcast for this coming Tuesday that is all about Jerusalem, our experiences there, history, scripture, and some understanding that you might not have heard before. I hope you will tune it in on Tuesday (or whenever you have time)! You can find it on our YouTube channel, our website, and on all the major podcast platforms.

Please continue to pray for Israel even after the 28th, as God has a marvelous plan for his people! Romans 11:26 “And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob.”


It Takes All Kinds: As I was waiting on the Lord this morning, He began speaking to me as I wrote in my journal. Although it is to me personally, I believe that it is also for you, for we share in the same calling. So receive from Him what resonates with you.

“It Takes All Kinds!”

I have made all of My creations unique. Even as there are no two snowflakes alike, every blade of grass is unique. Every grain of sand is unique. Every leaf on every tree is unique. Each one shares characteristics that identifies it as a snowflake, blade of grass, grain of sand, or leaf, but each one is unique in someway. This is true of all My creation, and as you well know, this is true of mankind.

I made each person with unique DNA, unique fingerprints, unique personalities, and unique experiences. That’s why siblings don’t always remember the details of an incident the same way — they didn’t process it the same because they are each unique.

And I made each one to have a unique walk and relationship with Me. Your walk is not to be compared with others. There will be similarities that identify your walk as a legitimate walk with Me, but it will be unique. This uniqueness comes from Me.

You teach a child letters and numbers by rote, but they have no idea at that stage what literary and mathematical skills they will later acquire and master as their understanding opens up. In the same way, you will teach new Believers the basic principles of My Kingdom and I will open the eyes of their understanding in a unique way to draw them deeper into a unique relationship with me Me. Don’t be jealous as some of them will excel you in revelation. Be excited and bless them to mature in My Glory and character. As you heard June Lewis say, “We want you to stand on our shoulders.“

Each person has a unique part of Me in their being that makes them unique. I Am so vast that you cannot comprehend Me in your finite mind. So as I put a unique part of Me into each one of My creations, note that I will never run out of parts!

As each creation walks in love with Me, they are designed to demonstrate that part or facet of Me to the rest of creation. Each one must bring their representation of the part of Me that they uniquely contain.

Tell My people to press into Me, for in walking with, communing with, waiting on, praying to, and listening to Me, their unique part of Me and their assignment will become activated. They will begin to change the atmosphere in the place I have put them, and they will begin to accomplish My unique assignment I sent them to do.

It takes all kinds to get My Kingdom activated in the earth. I want you to help them accept and embrace one another — to love one another as I have loved them. It is not necessary that they conform to each other. The goal is to help them conform to keep Me in their own unique way. Don’t accept a, “That’s just the way I am,” attitude if that characteristic is uncharacteristic of Me. Pray for them to encounter Me to transform them into My image, from Glory to Glory.

All of My people are uniquely designed to have a ministry of reconciliation based upon My loving sacrifice for them. Pray for them to receive My Glory as I pour it out, so that they will fulfill My unique calling on their lives.


After I received that word, I took a moment to open Rona Spiropoulos’ new book, Spirit Life Beyond the Veil. The portion that I read seemed to fit so well with what I had just received, that I asked her for permission to add it to this prayer letter, and she agreed.

Created for Him: It has been said that within each of us is a God-shaped hole designed for Him. Our spirits were created to be united with His. When we run from Him and seek other things to fill the vacancy, the void within us, we find that nothing can truly satisfy. We are created for union with Him! Many that have gone into the depths of darkness, searching for satisfaction and comfort, can be looked upon with compassion because they do not realize that their search would have ended at the feet of Jesus. For us, even as one search ends, a new one begins as we search at are satisfied, and again search and are satisfied, until more revelation of Who He is has opened to us and we can have our being in that realm.

“Oh, that men would give thanks to the LORD for His goodness, And for His wonderful works to the children of men! For He satisfies the longing soul, And fills the hungry soul with goodness” (Psalm 107:8-9 NKJV)

The Father Himself instilled within us a hunger for Him, as if to say, “Beloved, you have stayed here long enough; it is time to move onto new realms and new depths of learning and understanding.“ The questions begin, the thoughts calm, the hunger starts, and we begin to search. As we do, Father works in us, preparing us to receive the answers and teaching us to discern His voice. It is in the search that we learn to distinguish between good and evil, and so learn more of Who Jesus is. We learn to reject what is not of God because it is out of character with the divine nature as we know it.

What a joy to know that no hunger that the Father puts in us will be left unsatisfied if we follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit! What a joy to know that our hunger will lead us closer to Him and give us new revelation of His heart of love! We will never be at the place where there is no longer any need to hunger because we have it all. Even though He is in us, we have not understood who we are and the reality of Christ in us. The depths of Father, Son, And Holy Spirit are greater than we could ever imagine, and whatever we have, there is always more. This verse in the book of chapter Romans set our hearts on fire to know the richness of His Wisdom and knowledge!

“Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!” (Romans 11:33 NKJV)

Our hunger leads us to the Throne room where grace is received in abundance – grace to unlock those doors that have been closed to us until now, for beyond those doors lie the secrets to victory over the flesh that we may become overcomers, and grace to understand the mysteries of the Kingdom. As we hunger for an answer to our area of defeat, we throw ourselves at the feet of Jesus. When the Father sees that we are ready to receive, He hands us a golden key to unlock the door, for the secrets of godliness are precious and cannot be thrown before swine to be trampled underfoot. We must be ready to receive and treasure them and receive the garment of victory, begin to wear it, and overcome our weakness; in the overcoming comes the anointing.

Mark Your Calendar! The Global Outpouring Convention 2023 is scheduled for Tuesday, July 4-Friday, July 7 at the Glory Tabernacle! Speakers include Tony Kemp, Etienne Blom, Claren McQueen, Rona Spiropoulos, and me. We expect to have the registration page up on our website in the next week or so.

Youth and Young Adults Retreat Returns! August 9-12. More details will be coming, so pray with us for it to be all that our Father has in mind and that everyone He wants to be there will be able to come.

School of the Supernatural—Translation by Faith, September 4-9, 2023: Bruce and Reshma Allen, and Michael and Gordana Van Vlymen will be with us once again to bring a very clear, scripture-based teaching about some of the supernatural signs, wonders, and miracles that we should be expecting as we yield ourselves fully to the Lord in loving obedience to Him. Come for this school and learn! The cost is $550, which includes tuition for six days of classes, seven nights’ accommodations, and all your meals. Click here for more information.

We are so grateful! Words cannot express our appreciation for each one who has prayed, loved, and given to help us accomplish the tasks the Lord has given us! Our hearts are knit together for the purposes of our Father and His Kingdom. Thank you for being a part of the team as we move forward into the Glory!

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

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