January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009

I saw in my spirit that God has raised up an army of women under the command leadership of Deborah who shall lead the troops across the Red Sea and that they are going to be used mightily of God and that they will not have to fight the enemy but God Himself will send the waters to drown them out and to destroy them and they shall only leave their weapons behind, their weapons which Deborah and her handmaidens will pick up and use to go to battle and to possess the promised land. The enemies have been powerful and have ruled for tens of thousands of years, ruling princes in high places. This is the little army, this flock of sheep, this little army of women that have been despised, they shall be the ones that God is going to use to rise up and subdue the enemy, to raise up the mighty powers of God and subdue the enemy of God’s people and they shall be destroyed and they shall be trampled under their feet. Tandie was commanded to trample the enemy under her feet until they turned into nothing but dust and she did it until the Spirit of the Lord lifted off her legs. All of them were ground down to powder, they were ground down to powder so that we shall see our enemy no more. He shall not be able to rise up against us any more because he shall be no more. For God says I am taking the foolish things of this earth, even the small things of this earth, even my little army of Deborahs and I am going to use them, saith the Lord, because they have been willing and dedicated and not self-seeking in seeking for high places, nor for honor, nor for wealth, nor for stardom, but have been faithful and holy and have made great sacrifices for Me. I am going to use them, saith the Lord, in my end-time army to cross into the promised land.

The Spirit of the Lord says you have but a short time and work must be done quickly and hastily and there is no time to wait, no time to waste, we must hurry, the battle must be won now, for this is the hour. There can be no reprieve, there can be no deception, there can be no seeking of self-proclaim, but each one shall promote another and each one shall push forward the other, and each one shall compliment the other, and each one shall praise and say notable things about the other and therefore will great glory come upon this flock of sheep. I see you as a little flock of sheep on a hill and you are grazing on the green, green grass and the sun is shining on you and you are friends and you are frolicking and you are loving each other and it looks like you are only “play” girls, but when the battle turns to battle, when the scene changes, you put on your army boots, you put on your military armor and you are ready to go to battle and you forget about the play days and put on the warring outfits and the uniforms and you are ready for battle at the turn of a hat, at the sound of shofars blowing. You are the shofar blowing! Few have heard the shofar, but you have heard the shofar blowing and the blowing of the shofar to come to battle has been sounded. Therefore prepare for battle, it’s the hour for battle and those who are the weakest shall see the greatest miracles of all.

Two shall put ten thousand to flight, two of you shall put ten thousand demons to flight, two of you shall chase ten thousand strong principalities and powers, spiritual wickedness in high places, they shall utterly lose their power. You will strip them, strip them, strip them until they run naked before you without sword, without weapon and scream as they fall by one blast of your trumpet.

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