Like Berlin, also the Kremlin

Like Berlin, also the Kremlin
Given Gwen Shaw
Saturday Evening, November 11, 1989
at the International School of Ministry

Yea, the Lord would speak unto His people this night. You have seen the great things which the Lord thy God has done even this week, and how He has reached His hands and has broken down a wall which men said would never be broken down–even in this century n the ones to come. And aI have seen the people coming, coming out of their bondage, and out of their captivity-yea, even at the Word of the Lord that was spoken-so now has it been fulfilled. saith the Lord your God.

And have you not heard that I said that My people should come from the north? And think it not a strange thing, saith the Lord. For what has begun to happen in Berlin shall happen also in the Kremlin. And yea, there shah be millions that shall come out of Russia, for Russia will open her doors. Yea, and the Jews shall flock out by the tens of thousands. Yea, they shall come-they shall come by the hordes. They shall come! For even as I broke down the wall. I will part the Red Sea, saith the Lord, one more time. And your eyes shall see. This generation shall see even the fulfillment of all of these things. And as they’re dancing and singing and praising and worshipping on the streets of Jerusalem, even in the city of Berlin they shall dance in the streets and praise the Lord in the holy Jerusalem-the city of the great King. For I am breaking down iron bars. I am opening iron gates. They shall yield. I’m sending my angels to open them, even as the angels of the Lord opened the prison for Peter So shall they open the prison doors of the nations of the world that have been in bondage. For it was not in vain that the blood of my Chinese young people was spilled in Tien An Men Square. The report of what happened there has not been missed by Heavens archangels and the mighty host.

Yea. I say unto thee, prepare to see signs and wonders and miracles. for they are taking place now! And yea. I say that the gates of the Kremlin shall open exactly the same way that the gates have opened in Berlin this week. And the West Bank will be filled with Jews, for no one will want them. And I will send them to Samaria. I will send them to the hills of Samaria, and they shall inhabit the ‘waste places, and they shall turn it into gardens. Yea, I say unto thee, prepare your hearts for the day of the visitation of the Lord has come!

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