Outpouring? Revival? Great Awakening? What Is It?

Beloved Intercessor,

Loving greetings from Engeltal, the Valley of Angels! Spring keeps trying to break through
and the daffodils are boldly shouting their agreement!

We took our staff to see The Jesus Revolution this week. We highly recommend this
movie! The timing of its release could only have been planned by our Heavenly Father on
the heels of what has just sprung forth in Asbury University! In case you are not yet
aware of this film, it is based on the story of Pastor Chuck Smith in Calvary Chapel in
Coast Mesa, California as a major player in the Jesus Movement. It actually started in
Haight-Ashbury in 1967 during “the summer of love,” when the so-called hippies
rejected the hypocrisy and politics of “the Establishment” as they demonstrated against
the Vietnam War. These mostly young dreamers were looking for peace, hope, and love
in all the wrong places, getting strung out on drugs, sex, and eastern religion. A Christian
coffee house in the midst of the hubbub offered them the Truth, and the “Jesus People”
were born-again when they found the realities they were seeking.

In a fascinating parallel, 1967 was also the year that the Old City of Jerusalem and the
Biblical Heartland (AKA the West Bank) were restored to the sovereignty of Israel. As the
Promised Land Covenant of our Father leaped into a partial manifestation for His Chosen
People, a significant dose of His prophesied Outpouring on all flesh began in the Jesus
Movement and Charismatic Renewal. A massive Outpouring of the Holy Spirit then
ensued at Asbury University in 1970, filling young people on the other end of the
spectrum. Lives in both subcultures were transformed and a mass of young missionaries
were launched into the nations and church pulpits, carrying the Gospel with the power
of the Holy Spirit.

Changed lives in one generation must then pray through for the next generation to
receive a fresh Outpouring. In the 1990s, hungry hearts birthed one in Argentina in 1992
(that surged from earlier crusades in the 1980s), another in Lakeland, Florida in 1993,
another in Toronto in 1994, and another in Pensacola at Brownsville Assembly in 1995.
Hungry hearts came from all over the world to be immersed in the Presence of God in
these places and they carried the anointing home to birth Outpourings in their own

Now the prayers of those who were transformed by the Lord are being answered in this
latest Outpouring in Asbury University that is already spreading to other college
campuses and nations. I believe that hearts are going to be touched by this movie and
churches are going to begin to get involved in a never-before-seen way.

Asbury Revival Podcasts: When Philip and I returned from Asbury, we made a podcast
about our impressions and experiences. You can listen to it by clicking on this link. We
then had the great privilege of interviewing Dr. Hong Too Leow, a Malaysian Bible
Seminary professor. God called him to quit his job and sent him to Asbury to add his
power of agreement to the many others who had been praying for revival for the past 53
years. He spent three years praying, then God removed him eight months before the
Outpouring so that he wouldn’t become proud and take credit for it. The Lord showed
him that this revival would be as contagious as covid and would be the beginning of the
Third Great Awakening. Click here to listen to the interview.

An Upgrade: Any time you are in the Presence of the Lord, you have the opportunity to
make a shift from the Glory you have already experience to the next level of Glory. This
may have been the first experience of the Glory for the young people at the altar (mine
was in 1971), or perhaps their second or third. Their lives have been transformed. They
will never be the same. But we must not stop pressing in for more! If you ever stop — if
you ever say, “No,” to the Lord when He bids you come higher — you will find yourself
stuck at the last level where you said, “Yes.”

When we sat in Hughes Auditorium in Asbury while 1500 voices worshipped, I bowed my
head to ask for more. That had been the recurring catch phrase in the 1990s: “More,
Lord!” I didn’t really feel anything new in the moment, but after we left and I began
writing my portion for the last prayer letter, I sensed a fresh anointing. By the time we
were heading to church the next Sunday, I was feeling super charged! Every time I start
to think about what God is doing and about to do, my hands start to “vibrate” inside like
they’re getting ready to release the power of God!

Releasing the Greater Glory: We just recorded a podcast with an update from Ivan
Tuttle who will be here March 23-25 to release “The Greater Glory” in a seminar. In 1978
he died and went to Hell, but the demon had to release him when the Voice rang out,
“You have to let him go! It’s not his time. I made a promise to his mother!” He was
instantly translated to Heaven, and an angel showed him many things, including a
timeline of events from the creation way into the future. Thirty-five years later, in 2013,
he was instructed to write his book. In it he declared that in late 2020 there would begin
to be an Outpouring of the Holy Spirit that would be the fulfilment of Acts 2:17-18.

If you are hungry for God and want to be used by Him in this Global Outpouring, lay
everything aside and come for this event! You will receive more than you even know to
ask for! Change your schedule if you have to, but don’t miss this! (Yes, we will stream it
live on our Facebook page and YouTube channel, but that will never be the same as if
you are in the room!) Click here to get more information and register.

So, what’s the difference between an outpouring and a revival or an awakening?
When the Lord was in the process of giving this ministry a facelift and changing our name, he
gave Rona Spiropoulos a vision of a shield with a ribbon across it that said, “Joel 2:28,”
and underneath it said “Mandate.” As I was meditating on that scripture, I understood
that the sons and daughters prophesying, the young men seeing visions, and the old
men, dreaming dreams were a result of the Outpouring. Father pours out of His Spirit,
and the result on the ground is people waking up and being revived. Lives are
transformed because of the Outpouring. Claren McQueen taught us that the word in
Hebrew that’s translated, “pour out” doesn’t mean like pouring from a pitcher so much
it is it is like the water pouring over Niagara Falls! One of our very prophetic
Handmaidens, Veronica Narro, responded to me that Niagara Falls is much too small of a
picture of what God is about to do!

Just as a reminder, the Lord spoke to me, not to pray for Him to pour out His Spirit, but
that we should ask Him for His heart for the outpouring! What is taking place at Asbury
and has begun to spread, is just the beginning. We must continue to pray just like Elijah
had to after he gave the prophetic word that rain was coming.

I believe that the prophecy that was given in 1934 that Arthur Burt carried around in his
pocket for decades is a picture of this great awakening that we are beginning to see now.
Even what we saw in the 1990s was perhaps the very beginning. It’s falling now on a new
generation that wasn’t here then. But those who were here then and experienced it,
must be prepared to disciple this new generation into a Spirit-filled walk. We must
represent Jesus by walking in His character, and in the power of His works, and the
greater works that He promised would come as He sent His Spirit.

AND THERE SHALL BE NO EBB.” (1934 Prophecy)

Prophecy: The Holy Spirit is Brooding Over Argentina: One of the places that Holy Spirit
has been poured out repeatedly through the last 75 years is Argentina. In an article
published June 18, 2020, Jennifer LeClaire tells how she heard from the Lord: “The Holy
Spirit is brooding over Argentina.” He went on to show her that He wants to revisit
Argentina with revival. “He told me He’s just waiting for the intercessors in Argentina to
pull the revival down from heaven to earth. The outpouring the Holy Spirit has in mind is
greater than the Argentine revival of the past decades.

“I heard the Lord say, ‘I will pour out My Spirit in response to the hungry ones, the
remnant intercessors who are not satisfied with yesterday’s glory or yesterday’s
miracles. I will respond to the cries of the intercessors who understand that Argentina’s
latter shall be greater than her past. I will help them pray and push and break through to
a signs and wonders revival that brings many souls into My Kingdom.’….

“If the intercessors will press in, I see a marquee revival happening in the next few years.
Churches, get ready for the influx of souls. Begin to train up your leaders to plant new
works. Raise up new deliverance ministers. Strengthen your discipleship programs.
“Intercessors from other nations, pray for another Argentine Revival. As you do, God will
bless your nation. God will revisit many nations with past revival history in the next
decade. We must understand how to sustain revival so we can see a habitation rather
than just a visitation.” Click here for the full article. Remember this was written in 2020!
It’s time NOW! Press in!

Kingdom Fire: A Summons to Perfect Love: Pray about joining us in Columbia, Missouri
March 9-11 for the “Kingdom Fire” conference with Etienne Blom, Sheila Ruffin, Greg
Ordway, and me. Click here to get more details.

Consuming Fire Worship: Also, please plan to be with us when Dean Braxton comes April
28-29 to share what he learned in Heaven about “Consuming Fire Worship.” He will
teach and then we will practice “on earth as it is in Heaven.” He is bringing a special
worship team with him. This will NOT be streamed. Click here for more information andregistration.

Convention 2023: And it’s not too soon to be planning to attend the Global Outpouring
Convention 2023. Here’s a link for more information.

We are so very grateful for your love, prayers, and support for this ministry! We’ve only
just begun!

Your handmaiden and servant,

Sharon and Philip


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