Prepared for the Glory!

Beloved Intercessor,

Loving greetings from Engeltal, the Valley of Angels! Winter and spring are having a tussle right now — lots of things have turned green and blossomed, but freezing temperatures have returned! Winter doesn’t give up easily, but we press on anyway! It’s time for everything that is new on God’s agenda to step into its place!

Great Glory: Last weekend we had a glorious time at Cedar Creek Resort in Columbia, Missouri, with Etienne and Hettie Blom, Greg and Linda Ordway, Sheila Ruffin and many more! Sometimes when we sit in a place where great revelation is being released, our spirits say a resounding, “Yes!” but our heads are going, “What?” But the more we give ourselves to the Lord’s Holy Spirit, the One who reveals the truths of the Word which He inspired, the head begins to get it. Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, and there a little, we begin to go from Glory to Glory.

Kingdom Fire Conference, Cedar Creek Resort, Columbia, MO. The resort is beautifully decorated to represent a Heavenly atmosphere with God’s rainbow around the Throne. From left to right: Sheila Ruffin, Sharon Buss, Greg Ordway, Etienne Blom, and Hettie Blom.

The Release of More Glory: So we are processing what the Lord poured out last week to get us ready for what He’s going to pour out next week when Ivan Tuttle comes here for the “Releasing the Greater Glory” seminar. In 1978, when Ivan was taken to Hell and then Heaven, he was given the privilege of seeing a timeline from creation way out into the future. He can describe many things that he saw that give more detail to what is written in the Word of God. He will be sharing many things as the Lord leads him. One of the things that he saw was the end-time outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the Lord showed him that it would begin in late 2020. He has declared that what is happening now with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Asbury University which is popping up and spreading in many places, IS THAT! If you haven’t already heard the podcast we did recently with him about it, click here to listen and enjoy!

He also told us that the Lord is going to be releasing a mighty Glory here like we’ve never seen before — and we’ve seen lots of Glory here! Please come if you can! If you are local, please register, so we know how many people are coming. There’s no charge for registration. It will be streamed live to our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

Prepare for the Glory: Before the Lord came down on Mount Sinai, and before the children of Israel crossed over into the Promised Land, God gave them a three-day warning to prepare themselves — to sanctify themselves. We are in that time leading up to this event, during which we must be seeking the Lord and preparing our hearts for His Glory to come so that it may come in its fullest measure possible.

One of the things that He is dealing with me about is forgiving offenses. I regularly teach and preach about the importance of forgiveness, and how if we don’t forgive, we won’t be forgiven. I would not have said that I was holding offenses against anyone, because I know the importance of this principle. However, it’s easy to retain hurts without realizing that we are harboring something that doesn’t belong to us. When we are hurt, we tend to justify ourselves when a wrong was done to us, and the cover up begins!

I want the fullness of what God wants to do here, so I’m letting him dig deep in me and uncover and deal with things that I have retained. When we hold and especially when we speak judgments over people, it puts them in bondage and can hinder them from making progress. Don’t be responsible for keeping someone from coming to repentance by holding their sin against you against them. The accuser is always looking for our testimony against people to use in his prosecution against them. After all, he wants to take everyone to Hell. He tempts and creates the atmosphere for offense, then capitalizes on it.

Destroy the Strongholds! The Lord is even highlighting things that have happened here in the past that I have prayed “blanket prayers” about, asking God in a general way to forgive, without being specific. It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and cleanse eradicate every root of bitterness! We must deal with our history in the spirit to drive out any darkness and any legal right the enemy might have to hinder what God wants to do!

Get Out of the Trap! Our Father kindly brought up John Bevere’s teaching on “The Bait of Satan” in my YouTube feed this week, to remind me of this message that I had heard years ago. We must overcome offenses! I think it’s a good idea to watch this video, or read his book on the subject, or get his app (MessengerX) to review this message from time to time! The process of forgiving a person includes becoming an intercessor for that person and ask Our Father to do for him/her what you want for yourself!

His wife, Lisa’s, teaching on “Be Angry But Don’t Blow It!” is also very powerful! These precious saints have shown tremendous transparency, revealing their own struggles with common fleshly instincts. They overcame by the power of obedience to the Word of God as His Holy Spirit led them. Please listen to these testimonies to help you to get where God wants to take you!

Take Authority! Today’s message from Dutch Sheets on Give Him 15 is very powerful and encouraging to help us to thwart and crush the agenda of the enemy who always seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. I recommend that you either watch it on YouTube or read it from his website. The spirit of Athaliah can get a stronghold as sin and compromise with the ways of the world are allowed in the land. In their fleshly attempt to reunite the northern and southern kingdoms of Israel and Judah, the children of the sovereigns married, but compromise with evil will always lead to a greater disaster! Thankfully, God has His remnant that comes to the rescue!

Help Us Prepare for the Glory! Please join me in taking this time to go very low in authentic, radical humility, so that Our Father can raise us up in His power to do His exploits. Offenses will block the flow of the Rivers of Living Water from Our Father’s throne. As we clear the air and the land from any legal strongholds of the enemy, the Holy Spirit will freely accomplish His purposes in us and through us. The Glory will explode in our atmosphere and the greatest Harvest of all time will come into the Kingdom. I want Him to use me — how about you?

Consuming Fire Worship: Please plan to be with us when Dean Braxton comes April 28-29 to share what he learned in Heaven about “Consuming Fire Worship.” He will teach and then we will practice “on earth as it is in Heaven.” He is bringing a special worship team with him. This will NOT be streamed. Click here for more information and registration. Join us for this event in the Glory!

Convention 2023: And it’s not too soon to be planning to attend the Global Outpouring Convention 2023. Here’s a link for more information.

Thank you for teaming up with us to know Our Father and to make Him known, to share the Good News of the reconciliation He made possible through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus! We are grateful for every way in which you partner with us!

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

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