Preparing for the World Convention

Beloved Intercessors,

Loving greetings from Engeltal! We just returned from our annual spring ministry tour. We spent 18 days and covered over 2900 miles! The Saller family (our daughter, Heather, her husband, Timm, and their three children) accompanied us and helped with worship and book sales. (We used to be the road crew for Sister Gwen, but have never had a road crew ourselves.) We took a couple of days for a personal event, to celebrate my dad’s 90th birthday in Michigan with my siblings, most of their children, and grandchildren. My dad was called to the mission field as a young man, and met my mother, who was also called to the mission field, while they were at college. They married and went to India with their first two sons and my older sister and I came along during their 5 1/2 year term. (My younger sister came as a late lamb some nine years later.) Although he is having some issues with his memory, he is still that godly dad that can offer an anointed prayer and discuss the Word of God.

We also had wonderful Branch meetings in Burton, Ohio, and Detroit. What a blessing to connect!

Preparing for the World Convention: And now here we are, about a month out from the World Convention. There is so much to do to get ready—but, more importantly, we must ready ourselves for what God wants to do in our midst.

Calling Engeltal Back to God’s Original Purpose: On Wednesday, May 2, 2018, just prior to the Spring Gathering, we redeemed and rededicated Engeltal back to God’s original purposes. The Lord sent Ben Martin, who is of the Osage Tribe (the natives who once inhabited this region), to bless the land and bless us as we obey God here. We commanded every living thing to produce and release the sound, frequency, vibration, and fragrance of Heaven. When I felt to initiate that process while Etienne Blom was here, I didn’t see beyond that step. After the Spring Gathering meetings were over, I had a conversation with Etienne and he showed me that the next step was to call the staff to also come into God’s original purpose for their lives and release the sound, frequency, vibration, and fragrance of Heaven.

Now we realize that we, the rank and file of the End-Time Handmaidens and Servants, must do the same! Our purpose, dressed in our own unique personality, is to release Heaven on Earth. We are each unique, with a unique calling of God upon our lives, but the result will be a change in the atmosphere around us to a heavenly one.

  • We must be on fire.
  • We cannot hide and not deal with our issues from the past—our personal baggage.
  • Each one of us must arise and face our issues, overcome, and get healed.
  • Get restoration and healing before you get released out into God’s Kingdom purposes.
  • If we don’t, God’s purposes and plans will be delayed. The whole movement that God wants to do in this ministry will be delayed.
  • We have a job to do that is bigger than what we have ever understood.

We must realize that we are on a time limit. We should be at our peak spiritually for the World Convention. We have one month to pray, and fast as you feel led. Ask the Lord if he would give you a fast in preparation. Perhaps it will be a meal, a day, three days, or more. We should all be coming up to the 40th World Convention as shining ones, ready to be mantled with a greater glory for the nations. That means that we need to arrive prepared to receive.

Now go back and review the prophecies that have been spoken over your life. We are in a season of breakthrough in the Kingdom of God on Earth. That means the breakthrough is available for each of us too. It is a kairos time and we have to jump on the opportunity as it presents itself. We cannot put it off. There can be no procrastination with this issue.

This is a challenge for each one of us to get down and get real with God. Turn off the entertainment, and any other thing with which you fill your spare time and apply yourself to prayer like never before. Each and every one of us is responsible to step up in order for God’s purposes to be accomplished both at the World Convention, and in Engeltal. This is critical!

If we are out of sync with God’s purposes, it will cause a delay. This is an exciting time to break out of the old (40 years of wilderness wanderings/40th World Convention) and cross over into the new—The Promised Land—the fulfillment of the prophetic words in your life. No more delay! No more hindrances! And no more procrastinating!

Each of us individually has to take the responsibility and accountability for ourselves and our position in the spirit, and our destiny and calling.

We have until the World Convention to press in for answers, vision, grace, repentance, deliverance, overcoming, and renewal and re-dedication to God’s original purposes on a personal level, so that the World Convention will birth God’s restructuring and original purpose for this entire ministry. The whole movement of the End-Time Handmaidens and Servants is huge, and our purpose is more massive than we have understood up to this point.

  • What prophetic words have yet to be fulfilled?
  • What is your calling?
  • What is your purpose?
  • What is your destiny?
  • What is your next step?
  • How are you influencing creation, the Kingdom, and the world?
  • What is the Lord telling you to do?

Don’t Miss It! We are expecting to see you at the World Convention. In case you haven’t already done so, this link will give you information and links to register and make hotel reservations You may also call (479) 751-8300 to make hotel reservations.

If you are finding the cost of flights to be a hindrance, look into flying into Tulsa and renting a car. It’s only a two-hour drive from there to Springdale. In any case, don’t let finances be the reason you don’t come—believe God for miraculous supply to arrive at your doorstep! We have seen Him do it over and over for many people. We have seen people sell things in order to obey God. Others have received an inheritance or someone steps up to pay a long-standing debt. Let the Lord show you His will—and if it’s His will, then it’s His bill. Just obey God!

Continued Prayer Needed! Please continue to pray for Mannah Schmidt, Sister Gwen’s son Tommy’s wife. We are happy to report that she has had miracle after miracle in answer to prayer. She has had the trach removed three months earlier than expected, and is now beginning physical therapy. She’s not able to walk yet, but stood for the first time yesterday. She still needs prayer for the complete restoration of her swallowing and digestion, as well as restoring her strength. She and Tommy are so grateful for all the prayers.

Thank you! We are always so grateful to each one who is standing with us in unity both in prayer and in giving. The Lord and we so appreciate your loving, living sacrifices that you are pouring out in this Kairos time of the outpouring of His Glory! May God multiply it back to you!

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

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