PROPHECY for Berlin

PROPHECY for Berlin
given to Sister Gwen
in the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedaechtnis Kirche in Berlin
on August 15, 1987

I will visit Berlin Again — not as I visited her before with fires of judgment which left her torn and bleeding, broken and desolate. But I will visit her with the fire of My Blessing and My Glory, even the fire that burns the shackles and sets the captives free. Yes, I will visit this city — for it is My most beloved city of all of Germany — both East and West.

I shall pour out healing and strength and rejuvenation upon it, for this city shall have an Upper Room experience where I will raise up the Peters and Johns who will take My Fire into all of Germany and even unto the uttermost parts of the world.

A song shall be heard in the streets of Berlin — even a song of love, life and healing. And a River of Salvation shall flow through her streets. For I AM her God. I laid her foundation in ancient times and I shall preserve her. She shall be My “Jerusalem” of Germany, even My Gemstone. For I will overthrow every spirit of Nimrod which has tried to control and rule her.

Blessed are those who serve Me in her streets. Rejoice and be grateful and bring her the joy which I have given you. Share it with My city of Berlin.


Prophecy Given August 15, 1987 Fulfilled:
Wall came down – November 1989
Berlin unified as a city – October 1990 Berlin declared the capital – June 1991

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