Prophecy Intersects Its Moment!

Beloved Intercessors,

Loving Christmas greetings from Engeltal! Even though we know that Jesus most likely was not born December 25, but in September or October during the Feast of Tabernacles, this is the season that the world’s eyes begin to turn to Jesus even if they don’t ever look His way any other time of year. So we choose to celebrate and give Him glory!

Not only are we gearing up for Christmas, but on December 28, “Generation Awakening” begins. That’s the new name for the youth and young adult retreat that we’ve been holding for about 25 years each December. Some of our early campers now have teenagers of their own. Please be in prayer for this event that lives will be changed and transformed, and that new leaders will be birthed into the Kingdom of God. Please pray for the provision for this event as we only charge a $10 registration fee to make sure that no one who wants to be here will be left out.

In our last Prayer Letter, I shared that I was in Michigan with Apostle Barbara Yoder for an apostolic event called, “Strike the Match.” It was tremendously glorious! Tim Sheets shared many things about the new era that we are entering. One of the things that I found the most encouraging was his explanation that many prophecies are “intersecting their moment.” In other words, the fullness of time has come for the fulfillment of many of the words that we’ve been carrying in our hearts for years.

The Scriptures illustrate this very well. A case in point is Matthew’s account of the Christmas story. As Joseph is pondering the news that he has received from Mary that she is with child, the angel of the Lord visits him in a dream and explains that this is to fulfill the word spoken by Isaiah, “Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel” (Isaiah 7:14). Isaiah’s prophecy intersected its moment and Jesus was conceived! And over and over in His life, prophecies intersected their moments as He fulfilled the Word of God, because He is the Word of God!

I have transcribed a powerful prophecy the Lord gave to Tim Sheets that he released during those meetings. You can read it below.

I am so excited about this time in which we are living! As so many have said, quoting Charles Dickens in The Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Sometimes it takes the worst of times to cause people to turn their hearts toward the Lord, but we are on the verge of the greatest Harvest that the world has ever known, and how many of us have received prophetic words, dreams, or visions, that indicate that we will have an important part in this Harvest? Beloved, don’t quit now! If you don’t quit, you win! Go to war with that prophecy, vision, or dream! As Paul exhorted Timothy, “So Timothy, my son, I am entrusting you with this responsibility, in keeping with the very first prophecies that were spoken over your life, and are now in the process of fulfillment in this great work of ministry, in keeping with the prophecies spoken over you. With this encouragement use your prophecies as weapons as you wage spiritual warfare by faith and with a clean conscience” (1 Timothy 1:18 TPT). Go to war based on what the Lord has promised you, and watch him fulfill His word! His faithfulness is great, and His mercies are new every morning!

Please stand with us in prayer, trusting the Lord to bring the resources so that we will be able to end this year with all our bills paid! We have done better this year than we have for quite a few years, but the surplus from the World Convention has been spent paying the light bill and many other bills of the last few months. Because we are entering a new era, we are expecting and decreeing that this will be an era of no debt! Will you agree? We pray that the same thing will manifest in your life!

If the Lord speaks to you to participate in making this declaration a reality, we will be most grateful for your obedience. You can send a check, call us with your credit or debit card, or go online to our secure donation page on our website. Whether it’s a “widow’s mite” or a large, year-end gift, or anything in between, we trust that the Lord will bless your obedience to His prompting.

As you will see in the prophetic word released by Tim Sheets below, “angels of alignment” are being released at this time. It is time for us to break out of our old ways of thinking and align with God’s Kingdom in order to be what He has destined us to be, so that we can do the assignment He has given us!

Have a glorious Christmas in the ever-increasing Glory of His Presence! Gloria in excelsis Deo!

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

Prophecy Intersects Its Moment!

Tim Sheets tells of the experience he had in Michigan during the “Strike the Match” events, December 10, 2018. Following a tremendous, Holy Ghost blowout meeting in Flint, he returned to spend the night in Ann Arbor. An angel shook him at 12:10 a.m. to wake him up with this message, “The plumbline prophecy has intersected its moment!”

At the beginning of 2017, he had a vision of hundreds of angels dropping plumlines over apostolic hubs all over the world. They were meticulously aligning each hub with the vision for that particular hub. Each one had a different vision and the angels were being meticulous. Each one had to be exactly right. Each hub had to be aligned with its vision for their assignment.

When that vision came to him, so did a prophetic word, but he had never released it publicly.

When the angel shook him awake two weeks ago, saying that the plumbline prophecy had intersected its moment, he understood that that was what was happening in Flint, and he released the word the next day in Ann Arbor and Detroit as well.

The assignment of “angels of commotion” has now shifted into “angels of alignment.” [In 2016, a prophetic word had been given that they were to activate “angels of commotion” to go into America, rip the Band-Aids off of everything, and open up and expose iniquity and reconnect to our covenant roots. Now they have changed to “angels of alignment.”]

And the Spirit of the Lord says to His ekklesia, I am aligning Heaven with Earth to open the birth canal of My Kingdom. It is open, says the Lord. The breeches have been turned. Welcome to calving season! Welcome to the season of awesome birthings! Welcome to the season of greater and greater Glory!

A new degree of Glory is now rising over My remnant and from hovering Glory My Spirit is moving to birth plans, purposes, transitions, ministry that has been incubating in My Presence. Welcome to hatching season! Welcome to the season of ever-increasing Glory. My Glory is revealed from one degree of Glory to another degree of Glory — from Glory to Glory to Glory to Glory. Pulsating Glory will now throb from the Throne of the King of Glory. Out rays of Glory have been amped up and now more and more and more of who He really is will be revealed. Yes, governing King, yes, Savior, King of kings and Lord of lords. And wave after wave after wave of ever-increasing Glory has now begun, says the Lord. Surge after surge after surge of My Power and Presence will now be seen. Welcome to the surge of My Kingdom! says the Lord of hosts.

Omnipotent strident forces have been released. Hell cannot prevail! The “forever loser” will bow! [For the last three years, every time the Holy Spirit refers to Lucifer or Satan to me, he only ever calls him, “the forever loser.”] Welcome to the victory surge of the King of Glory. Welcome to the converged ages! Welcome to the blended anointings into greater, multi-faceted anointings! Welcome to the combined anointings of history! Welcome to the King’s anointing upon heirs at destined levels! For you are entering the season of My tangible, real, manifest Glory! [Four times this year at The Oasis (my church) the Glory cloud has come in so thick that I could only see the front row.] The tangible Presence and Glory Cloud of God is going to be seen hovering in tangible, real ways over His people. My Presence will be seen pulsating upon an uncompromising remnant at levels never seen before. For as I have shown through the ages, My hovering Glory is the womb of gestation for what My Spirit moves to birth upon the Earth. My Glory has been hovering. My womb is full. My Spirit has been brooding, incubating for decades to complete gestation of promises that are now due. It is your due season! You are entering the birthing season of My Great Awakening. And now will be birthed what previous hoverings have birthed, at higher levels. Supernatural deliverance will now be birthed at higher levels. Promises are being birthed at higher levels. Transformative reformation will now be birthed at a higher level. New leaders will now be birthed. A whole new generation of believers will now be born again. A “Jesus Movement” far greater than the ‘70’s will now be born from the womb of greater Glory. The millennials will help possess the land. New heirs are rising to their positions of inheritance. Radical millennials have been brooded upon in protective custody of Holy Spirit. He has shielded them from unbelieving wilderness wanderers. And now, ever-increasing Glory will reflect from them like sunlight on mirrors. They will not be the lost generation. They will be the Lord’s valor army, flying in formation with Me.

A new level of ruling power is now being birthed. Dominating authority over Hell’s kingdom is now being birthed and now being activated. Authority given to heirs will now function at destined levels as My Glory begins to surge. Strategies are being born in apostolic hubs everywhere. The Gospel of My Kingdom is growing and producing great power for miracles. You will see the demonstratable real miracles of creative abilities of your God. And from the womb of greater and greater Glory, My Spirit has brooded, moved, and incubated to bring to birth the greatest Harvest in all of history. The gestation period is over, says the Lord. It is due season. Welcome to the surge of the Kingdom Glory!

So we say, let the surge of the Kingdom Glory begin in Detroit. Let the surge of the Kingdom of God go up and down the streets, in Jesus’ name! Let this city be activated! The gestation period is over! And in Jesus’ name we birth the greatest move in all of history to begin to surge from Detroit! Begin to surge from the highways and the byways! In the name of Jesus, let the Glory surge of the King of kings begin to roll from Detroit throughout the world. Let the chariots of fire begin to roll again in Jesus name! Thank You, Lord!

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