Regarding Diaspora and Russian Jews

Concerning Russian Jews and Those In the Diaspora
Given by Gwen Shaw
at the International School of Ministry
February 22, 1992

I have heard your cries and I have seen your tears for My people in exile. And I have seen their tears also; and I have wiped them from the eyes of many who have come home. But there are still multitudes who are weeping tó return to the Land that I gave their forefathers. And I say unto thee, their weeping shall not be in vain, for I made your tears to be mingled with their tears to make an “ocean” for them to sail on. And I need your faith to prepare a ship for them so that they can board a “faith-ship” and sail to the Land of Promise.

I say unto thee, you sit here and wait for My return, but it is true what the prophets have said, that before I can return and appear to My people, I must gather them from all nations, and then shall the end be. Again I say unto thee, I want you, who know the vision, to become involved more than you were involved. You are involved with your own personal problems, but I want you to become involved with the situation that concerns the eschatology of these days, the winding up of all the affairs of the fulfilling of prophecy- even the days that the prophets desired to look into.

Yea, My children, you are now living in that day of fulfillment. And I say unto thee, the things thou hast heard, and that thou halt been taught, are now beginning to come to pass all around you. And yea, lift up your eyes and behold and see that this is the “End Time.” Are ye not called “End-Time Handmaidens and EndTime Servants?” Know this, that even your name reveals the hour in which you live. Time has come almost to a total stop for you.

But before the clock stands still for you, and these days of grace shall be finished forever, I say unto thee,, while there is yet a second of grace, that it is within these days of grace and these hours of grace and while the world is under the promise of grace that they must come out. For once the grace is lifted there will be no more moving about. And I say unto thee, once the Church is taken out, terrible persecution will come upon, every Jew in every nation, including the shores of America, Canada, Australia and the Western lands that seem to be more liberal and kind.

Therefore, you must work hard to save them now out of the lands whither they have wandered. For only as the Jews stand together in the days of the tribulation will they have any safety after the rapture takes place. For even as it was in the days of Esther, that when the decree went out against them the Jews banded together. So they must now come to their land to band together or they will be wiped out in the nations.

This is an emergency in this hour such as you can hardly grasp. Don’t only wait for My return; I say unto thee, get under the burden for them to return for THEY MUST RETURN! THE HEAVENS AWAIT THEIR RETURN! Therefore, you must become involved in their return, and you must pray more than you do, and you must speak more than you do about it.

Yea, I say unto thee, many will not hear what the Spirit is saying; for even many of the churches are becoming deaf. There is a spirit of darkness falling over the eyes, even of My Church. And many of them are already turning to persecute the Jews and Israel in their hearts and from their pulpits. I say unto thee, this is the darkness of the tribulation hour, and many of the churches that teach and preach against the Jews shall themselves suffer in the tribulation. And they shall know of the sword and the blood.

Oh My children, keep your message pure, keep it clean. Sound out the warning. The hour is very late and they must come from afar. They must return! Yea, I say unto thee, they will not all have returned, they will not all have returned to their land before the last grains of sand have fallen through the hourglass, and the angel, with the message of the end-time, flies across the skies of the world and cries, “Time shall be no more! ” For even now this angel, who holds the hourglass of the end-time,- even now, this angel stands on the threshold of glory, waiting for the Lord, the Father, the Maker of heaven and earth to commission it to fly. And yea, I only wait that more will get home. That more will come home.

Satan has used every method within his means- even the religious Jews, to prevent their own people from coming home. Did they not cause the judgment to fall upon Jerusalem the first time? Are they not of the same spirit as those of old who caused that the city should be ransacked and the Temple should be destroyed? Yea, and I–say unto you,- that spirit is still in Jerusalem.

Yea, and it is in the heart of every self-righteous one who tries to force his thoughts and viewpoints upon those who walk by faith and love. And I say unto thee, pray for them, for they are blind with the same blindness that filled and possessed the heart of Saul.

But I say unto thee that I am able to meet them, but I want you to pray, for your prayers can push back the powers of religious darkness and prejudice and fears and suspicions and hatreds and unforgiveness. Yea, your prayers can push them back and make a way for Me to step down, even as -I stepped down on the road to Damascus stopped Saul from his pathway of persecution and vengefulness. And I will meet these Jews too; but I need your prayers and compassion for them.

Therefore cry out for the Hasidic Jew! Cry out for the Hasidic Jew! Cry for the man who walks in darkness. Do not do it in anger; but do it in sisterly and brotherly love; for know that if you had sat in their place you would feel what they feel.

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