Podcast Episode 139 — “Whatever Your Blunder, It’s Forgivable. Here’s Hope!”

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Episode Synopsis: The Busses discuss Peter’s multiple blunders in the last night before Jesus’ crucifixion. He was under a demonic attack to keep him from fulfilling God’s plan for him. You can overcome the harassment in your life and fulfill God’s plan too.
• Understand the seating of the disciples at the Last Supper/Passover meal from scripture.
• DaVinci’s “Last Supper” isn’t correct.
• Having a “flesh flash” makes you vulnerable to making more mistakes.
• Stay close to Jesus to keep from having a “flesh flash”!
• The Holy Spirit is the key to overcoming!
• The accuser leads you to blunder, then slimes you with shame.
• There is hope for you even if you have kept blowing it!
• Your Father has a plan for you!
• We rebuke the spirit of suicide in the Name of Jesus Christ!

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