Podcast Episode 160: Tips for Fasting for the Anointing in Your Life

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Do you want to increase the anointing in your life? Are you hungry for more of God? Then ask Him for a fast!

Sharon and Philip have lived a fasting lifestyle for over 40 years, and they have witnessed the impact fasting has firsthand. Here, they discuss what the Word says about fasting, what the various kinds of fasts are, and how to know if you’ve been called to fast. They also share some practical tips from their many years of experience with this powerful tool for spiritual warfare and explain how to avoid the pitfalls of self-righteousness by keeping your motives pure. Fasting has the power to free loved ones from bondage, change entire nations, and impact your life and ministry for the Glory of God.



Podcast Episode 76: Your Appointment with God: How to Increase Your Spiritual Authority by Fasting

Your Appointment with God by Gwen Shaw

Your Appointment with God by Gwen Shaw (PDF)

The False Fast by Gwen Shaw

The False Fast by Gwen Shaw (PDF)


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