Podcast Episode 162: “God Wants to Shatter Our Boxes!” with Etienne Blom

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Etienne Blom, a prophet/seer from South Africa, lives a lifestyle of operating in the supernatural and the key is very simple — seek God’s face. God wants this for all His sons and daughters, and Etienne will show you how. He will be with the Busses for the Global Outpouring Convention, July 4-8, 2023, and here he discloses a taste of what the Lord has given him to share at this event! He and the Busses discuss functioning out of the dimension of God, activating spiritual abilities through a life of surrendered love and pursuing God’s face, hosting His Presence in your body and in your home, and much more. God wants to bring a majestic shift in His people this year, so the days of putting Him in a box are over. Let God shatter your boxes!



“New Identity, New Life” with Etienne Blom (126)

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